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“Dr. Stone Season 2”: Season is coming again to take you on a rollercoaster ride! Click to know Release date, Cast, Plot and more!

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Dr Stone is a 2019 TV anime series developed by TMS Entertainment. This series is under the direction of Shinya Iino, with Yuichiro Kido as the scriptwriter and enjoys a humongous fan base, with over 24 episodes in season1. The first season was available on 13th December 2019. Declaration of the sequel’s arrival occurred precisely after the end of primary season’s end. The sequel, now officially renamed as Dr Stone: Stone Wars.

“Dr Stone: Stone wars”: Release date

The sequel’s arrival is all set in January 2021. But, this date is also quite uncertain due to the existing pandemic situation, where everything has come to a standstill. The official notification confirming the exact date is yet to arrive. But amidst this, the best part is the season’s renewal is for sure. So, fans gear up, for a more entertaining and rollercoaster ride.

“Dr Stone”: Storyline

This anime is in a modern world, where unfortunately every human being on the planet turns into a stone after a mysterious flash of light. This anime narrates the tale of how some people from the pre-petrification world try to rebuild the civilisation in the Petrification age, aka the Stone world.  One of the lead characters’ first creations reverses the certification, which eventually gets known as a stone formula.

“Dr Stone: Stone wars”: Plot

The season ends with Senku informing the villagers regarding the requirement of two cell phones for full functionality. After testing the cell phone, Ruri reports Senku regarding the sealed time capsule in Byakuya’s gravestone.  Byakuya tried to create a milestone by establishing a record with Senku. Using a phonograph, which Byakuya reconstructed,  Senku and villagers are now able to hear the voice of astronauts for the first their petrification.

With the support of The villagers and cell phones, Senku declares a stone war against Tsukasa. Taiju and Yuzuriha wait for Senku to complete his part of the plan. Yuzuriha also stops Taiju from blowing their cover. Tsukasa and Hyouga prepare for the upcoming attack on Ishigami Village.

The sequel may continue from season1’s ending and also will bring out some new facts. We expect the anime to focus on the Stone wars arc of the manga. Hence the official name of the series. The sequel’s official trailer seems to have increased our expectations. We expect this instalment to have a more intriguing storyline.

“Dr Stone: Stone wars”: Cast

The success of season 1 is mainly due to the dialogue delivery of the fantastic starcast. So, it’s natural to expect their return in the upcoming sequel. The main star cast includes-

  • Senku Ishigami (voiced by Aaron Dismuke)
  • Taiju Oki (expressed by Ricco Fajardo)
  • Yuzuriha Ogawa (expressed by Brittany Lauda)
  • Tsukasa Shishio (voiced by Ian Sinclair)
  • Gen Asagiri (represented by Brandon McInnis)

“Dr Stone: Stone wars”: Official trailer

With the delay in season 2’s arrival due to the impending doom situation, the fans can now relax a little bit. The official trailer for this sequel is out now. So, fans check this trailer out.

For more any more updates, stay tuned, and till then stay safe.

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