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“Nether Portal”: The use of “Nether Portal”, its existence and how you can construct it!

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Wants to discover new updates of Minecraft? Here’s a page for you to go deep into the features of Minecraft. Continue reading to explore “Nether Portal”, which is a part of Minecraft. Learn its usage and work.

So let’s explore everything about the “Nether Portal” :

About “Nether Portal” –

“Nether portal ” is a manufacturing structure under the manufacturing of obsidian, it is a part of the Minecraft game.  It is a  Gateway between the “Overworld” and “Nether Portal dimensions “. This rectangular box is too useful in the game.

When it came into existence –

This fantastic “Nether Portal”, came into existence on October 31 2010. since then it is one of the highly recommendable updates of the game. It is a part of the “Minecraft ” as a “Halloween Update “, (version 1.2.0) on October 31, 2010.

What is the use of “Nether Portal” –

“Nether Portal” acts as a gateway the lets the player travel between the “overworld ” and “nether portal dimensions “.

When a player in the “overworld ” or “nether ” stands in a “nether portal block ”  for more than  4 seconds, the player automatically traverses to other dimensions. The player can step out any time out of the portal before its animation gets complete with aborting the teleport.

When you use this portal for the first time, a connecting portal builds up, where you end up in the “Nether”. Now you can use this connecting portal to land in the adjacent portal in the overworld. If you try to build multiple gateways in the overworld in the proximity,  these will all lead to the same portal in the Nether and vice versa.

How to construct the “Nether Portal” –

“Nether Portal” consists of the vertical, rectangular frame of obsidian  (of 4×5 minimum, and 23×23 maximum). You do not need four corners of the portal to activate it, but game portals will include these corners always as its part.

So once, this frame construction completes, players have to go for the next space. You have to put a room inside the portal on fire. You can lit a fire inside the entrance using many different ways like flint, steel, lava, explosive block. This step will lead to the purple colour formation; this resembles a vortex,  inside the portal with light and charge effects.

One important thing to remember is that these “Nether portals” doesn’t work underwater.

As of the recent update, players can make a portal in different sizes and shapes.

So enjoy your “Nether Portal” and traverse between the two worlds effectively.

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