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“Solo Levelling Season 2”: How is Sung Jin-Woo going to become the strongest hunter? Click to know Release Date, Plot and Trailer!

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If you are into anime and stuff, then I am sure you are well aware of the series “Solo Levelling”. Not much of the Korean Manhwa get as much popularity and buzz, like this series. 

Released on March 4, 2018, the show provides it’s viewers a world of fantasy and action which seems incredibly real and thus, keeps the audience engage with the anime series till the end.

Anime fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season. And the Good news is that we have all the information about the second season! 

Solo Leveling Season 2: Release date, plot cast And Everything you ...

Release Date: Solo Levelling season 2  

The season 2 of Solo Levelling was supposed to release on May 26 2020. But due to the ongoing pandemic situation, it got delayed. And now, it is expected that season 2 will release end of 2020 or in early 2021. 

Cast: Solo Levelling season 2 

The cast is what makes fan curious about the upcoming season. According to the sources, the cast like Hwang Chi Yeul, Park Hee Jin, Jo Byung- Gyu and Joon Hee will be back in the second season. 

Also, we are likely to see some new faces in the next season. However, the voice-over cast of the upcoming season is not out yet. 

DELAYED) Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111: Release Date ...

Plot: Solo Levelling season 2 

The previous season ended with the Sung Jin-Woo exploring a gate and fighting with the monsters. 

In the second season, we will see the face of Sung Jin-Woo father who was missing in the previous season and happens to be a national level hunter. The more in-depth analysis of the characters will also be there in the second season. Also, the portrayal of conflicts between the USA and China will be there as well. 

We are likely to witness the battle between the national level hunter and Sung Jin-Woo. 

Storyline: Solo Levelling season 2

The plot follows Sung Jin-Woo, who is known as the world’s weakest hunter. One day Sung along with his friends accidentally enter a wrong dungeon. Sung with his intelligence survived tho, however, apart from him, only a few survived. But what he remembers was him dying. 

The boy revives and turns into a player. Also, with a menu popping in front of him that can be only seen by him. And after this, his whole life changes. It is the quest of becoming the most energetic hunter ever. 

Solo Leveling chapter 111-113 release date and time: Season 2 ...

Trailer: Solo Levelling season 2

The official trailer is not released yet. 


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