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Gaming Firm Sea Co-founder ” David Chen” is Singapore’s Newest Billionaire! Click to read more details.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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David Chen is the Chief Product Officer and now the co-founder of Singapore gaming headquarters. As we all know E-commerce firm sea and Singapore gaming headquarters known for super hit mobile games named “Free fire”. After the wonderful progressing of the game now David Chen becomes the newest billionaire of Singapore. The game is on fire and playing by millions of people in the world. 2 % stake giving with plus options in the rise of shares.

Journey to become a billionaire!

David Chen graduated from the National University of Singapore and he is a computer engineer. The journey was very tough and stressful and he had to deal with lots of pressure throughout the way. As we know the popularity of the Singapore gaming headquarters. He worked as a chief product officer earlier in the company and now turned as a co-founder of the company. 39 years old David Chen now becomes the third billionaire in Singapore. As the shares becomes triple within a year.

After the struggle and hard work of many years he becomes very successful and famous in the whole world after his name enlisted on the one of the Singapore billionaires. Now he becomes the billionaire after so much of struggle and hardwork with lot of dedication to towards his work. Peoples are playing and enjoying the game and it become the most popular game and the world.

Freefire is on the real fire!

The game free fire is the most popular game in South Asia as well as in different countries of the North. It becomes at the top nowadays and popular worldwide. As the number of players increasing day by day the shares become high from the past years. The real fire can be seen from the popularity of the game. About 1.1 billion dollars earned through this. The game reach highest peak levels daily and around 80 million player’s stream on daily basis.

Sea has attracted more user’s from the last year and due to pandemics created by this global emergency the users are attracting the game more due to free time at the home. There is almost 80 and above millions of users are active on a daily basis and playing continuously by enjoying the game. Specially boys like this game very much and streaming on daily basis. Do you play this game? If yes how much you like it. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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