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“The witcher : Assassins of Kings”: To experience the best of the game, use best mods and download them!!

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Do you want to enjoy the best possible experience of Geralt’s first big adventure? Then it would be best if you went with the “Mods.” Here’s are all the details regarding ‘mods ‘and the way to download them. So continue reading to get all information regarding ‘Witcher 2 mods’.

The witcher 1: Assassins of Kings is a trendy game at its time. It is still famous among its users and is in gossips since its arrival in 2007 and is continuously upgrading.

Howver you will find this game quite challenging and rough around the edges than its other sequels. But once you learn to play it, you will love the game . to make your work easier, here we present some of the best mods that will help you master the game quickly.

How to install mods for The Witcher: Assassins of Kings-

For installing mods, for the ‘Witcher 1: assassins of kings ‘, you have to go through the old way. This is more of a manual process to do. But once you will do this, you will love the game.

You’ll need to find the install directory for The Witcher and open up its “Data” folder. There you’ll make a new folder and call it “Override.” most files and mods in this folder will overthrow one another . so you have to be very precautious to select which file first and overwrite which one.


Here are some of the best-enhanced mods for The Witcher 1: Assassins of Kings – have a look –

  • The witcher overhaul project – This mod is to increase the resolution during the gameplay. So enjoy the game with high resolution.

Click here to get this mod.

  • The witcher’s texture mod – This mod increases the sharpness of the game. It improves the texture of the background.

Click here to get this mod.

  • The witcher’s -Hi-Res character models – This mod increases the sharpness of the character’s eyes. Thus it gives a more intensifying look.

Click here to get this mod.

  • The witcher – Black edition – this mod lets you gave your eyes darker red and black color to the character’s clothes.

Click here to get this mod.

  • The rise of the white wolf – This mod redefines all its character and UI system.

Click here to get this mod.

  • Natural Shani – this mod helps you redesign the clothes of Shani and give her a more realistic look according to her work.

Click here to get this mod.

  • Scabbard mod – This mod gives the sheath to the weapons of the Geralt, which by default, he casually carries on his back.

Click here to get this mod.

  • Complete sword overhaul – this mod provides you with different varieties of the sword for Geralt.

Click here to get this mod.

So these are some of the best new mods of “witcher: Assasins of kings.” So choose wisely and have a better experience of the game.

Stay connected and stay tuned for more updates !!!


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