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Here are some of the BEST “Civilization 5 Mods”!! Click to know the Release Date, Gameplay and other latest updates!

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Civilization 5 is a 4x video game in the civilization series. Firaxis Games are the developer of the game. Sid Meier is the publisher of the game. The game features community, modding, multiplayer elements. The player leads a civilization from prehistoric times into the future on a procedurally generated map. They are attempting to achieve one of several different victory conditions through research, exploration, diplomacy, expansion, economic, and military conquest.


The game is based on an entirely new game engine with hexagonal tiles instead of the square tiles of earlier games in the series. Many elements from Civilization 4 and its expansion packs have been removed or changed, such as religion and espionage.


Civilization 5: Release date

The game’s fifth sequel was released on MS windows in September 2010, for OSX on November 23, 2010. After four long years, the game was released for Linux on June 10, 2014.


A second expansion work, Civilization 5: Brave new world, was announced on March 15, 2013. It includes features such as international trade routes, great books as well as nine new civilizations, eight other wonders, and three ideologies. It was released on July 9, 2013, in North America and the rest of the world three days later.


Civilization 5: Characters

There are 43 civilizations in Civ5, each with its leader and unique unit. Besides, every leader has a semi-unique personality, consisting of traits that determine their in-game behavior.


Here are few leaders and their civilization

  • Ahmad al Mansur of Moroccan
  • Alexander of Greek
  • Ashurbanipal of Assyrian
  • Askia of Songhai
  • Attila of Hunnic
  • Augustus Caesar of Roman
  • Bismarck of German
  • Boudicca of Celtic
  • Casimir 2 of Polish
  • Catherine of Russian
  • Dido of Carthaginian
  • Elizabeth of English
  • Gandhi of Indian


Civilization 5: Gameplay

Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game where each player represents the leader of a particular nation or ethnic group and must guide its growth throughout thousands of years. The game starts with the foundation of a small settlement and ends after achieving one of the victory conditions—or surviving until the number of game turns end.


During their turn, the player must manage units representing civilian and military forces. Civilian companies can be directed to find new cities, improve land, and spread religion while military units can go into battle to take over other civilizations.

The player controls production in their cities to produce new units and buildings, handles diplomacy with other civilizations in the game. And also directs the civilization’s growth in technology, culture, food supply, and economics. The player ends the game when a victory condition is met.


Civilization 5: Best Mods

The game civilization is known for its mods. The developers of the game update its mod regularly that makes the game more interesting.

Some of the best mods of Civilization 5 are

  • City limits
  • Faster Aircraft Animations
  • City State Diplomacy Mod
  • Enhanced UI Interface
  • InfoAddict


City Limits:

The first mod from Kilandor, City Limits, allows you to see the maximum range that a City can spread to. It will also show the radius when placing a Settler.


Faster Aircraft Animations:

Gedeon has created a mod that speeds up your aircraft combat animations, making for a speedier game in the air. Steam user Kaiser Roll calls it By far one of the most useful mods out there, so consider it if you’re taking to the skies in Civilization V!


City State Diplomacy Mod

The pavilion has created the City-State Diplomacy Mod for Civilization V: Brave New World. With this mod, players are encouraged to build and use diplomatic units and complete city-state quests to earn influence. This extensive mod adds diplomatic corps, new buildings, and more a must for the diplomatic Civ player.


Enhanced UI interface

CivFanatic’s bc1 created the Enhanced User Interface for Civilization V. This mod only changes the way that a player interacts with the User Interface; there are no changes to the gameplay. Using this mod means fewer clicks and more icons in play; give it a go if you want to streamline Civ.


Civilization 5: Trailer


Stay tuned for more updates!

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