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“Intel 11th gen laptops”: Check out the new line of laptops from Intel which have Tiger Lake processors in them!

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Intel has once more outdone itself, leaving behind all its competitors with the latest series of laptops. For a long time, laptop manufacturing has focused on the reduction of weight and bulk from the machine. We have seen some incredibly sleek designs in the past from both Intel and the competing companies. It is fascinating to see how much the industry has been able to reduce the size of laptops while increasing efficiency. Recently, Intel released their new line of laptops, and tech enthusiasts are going crazy. We have gathered all of the details you need to know about the 11th generation of Intel technology.

Brand-new range of processors: “Intel 11th gen laptops.”

The new line-up that Intel released consists of the new Tiger Lake chips within them. These new processors boast of Intel’s latest Xe graphics which is another release from Intel. While these processors are specifically for lighter and thin laptops, they work well with i3, i5, and i7 as well. Xe graphics feature an astonishing 96 CUs and a 1.35 GHz of graphic speed. With specs like these, this range has been all the rage in the technology sector online and offline. Many experts feel that the emphasis has been on the Xe integration more than the processors.

Features: “Intel 11th gen laptops.”

One of the biggest focuses of the whole launch event was the Xe integrated graphics. According to Intel, the new pictures will give them the edge over their competitors, which is AMD. However, you can only get the Xe graphics with an i5 or i7 processor chip since the i3 only gives Intel UHD. The new processors also support 8K HDR display as well as 4K HDR displays. Other than that, Intel told about the technical changes that the users can expect to see in the new laptops.

About Intel: “Intel 11th gen laptops.”

Intel is an American MNC which deals in the technological sector and has its headquarters in Silicon Valley. The company started 52 years ago in 1968, and as of 2018, it is one of USA’s biggest companies. Intel manufactures microchips and processors for several companies. Some of these companies are Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. They are also associated with Microsoft and have manufactured for them for several years. Before the Tiger Lake processors, Intel had released the Sky Lake line of processors. Since then, the tech experts had been looking forward to what Intel can do next for their products.

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