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Moscow Pact: Five-point joint statement signed between India and China; many new winter logistics have been recently stocked. Click here to know the details

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The situation at the India China border is intense since the Galwan Valley faceoff. In the month of May 2020, Chinese troops intruded into our mother land and reached the Pangong So Lake. The situation became critical in June when the Chinese army shot Indian armed forces which triggered the whole of India. With this the relation between the two big nations, India and China deteriorated. But the recent Moscow pact signed between these two countries’ delegates have calmed the whole incident.  

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi cleared everything that the situation at the border is under control. Even after the violent face-off, Modi interviewed that neither the Chinese troops entered our country’s land nor there was any faceoff between the armies. Because of his statement, many opposition party leaders including Rahul Gandhi questioned the ruling party and asked why our PM is lying 

The 18 days Parliament Monsoon Session is going on which will continue till 1st October 2020. On the opening day at the meeting, the PM addressed the nation where he showed solidarity to our country’s soldiers. He did not directly point out to the difficult situation between India and China. And assured the “Jawans” that the whole country is standing for them.  

Moscow pact: Decisions taken to tackle the situation 

On 10th September 2020 Thursday, India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi sat for a 2-hours meeting in Moscow. Almost one entire week passed since the bi-lateral meeting between the two nations. Both the nations’ delegates addressed the rising tension at the border and thus took some required measures to ease the circumstances.  

After the two hours long meeting, both sides came out with a five-point joint statement that detailed out each and every point that are need to be followed by the troops of both countries.  

Indian Army: Ready with its winter operational logistics 

The Major General Arvind Kapoor revealed to the reporters in Ladakh that the winters are approaching. With this our Indian Army is completely ready with the winter equipements, best quality rations, health and hygienic stuffs.  

All the required facilities for the troops including clean water tube wells fixed for everyone at the border. Even proper care taken for the animals out there like mules and yaks. Many new changes have been recently made after the Chinese intrusion. According to the sources, new arms, ammunitions, missiles and tanks have been stocked for future need.   

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