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For Anil Kapoor, “Fitness Always Comes First.” Here’s Proof

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Anil Kapoor takes his fitness routine quite seriously. The reason we are saying this is because the actor, who is currently vacationing in alibaug, shared a video of himself working out. He wrote that for him, “fitness always comes first.”  In the clip, Anil Kapoor 63, can be seen running on the beach in a white t-shirt and black trousers.  He captioned his post: “During the lockdown, I was dreaming about the beach.


Dreaming of escaping…finally, I get to the beach and my trainer Marc Mead makes me sprint…fitness always comes first…It’s not about the location but about the dedication.” The actor sprints at such a high speed that it’s impossible to believe that he’s 60 plus. nil Kapoor’s video makes us realize that we can’t make age or location or anything else as an excuse to skip exercise. More power to the fittest actor in the industry!

The actor, last month, posted a video of himself performing leg workouts and wrote: “Never skip leg day! #tuesdayworkout #strongereveryday #noexcuses.”

Sprinting benefits

Sprinting is the act of running over a short distance for a limited period of time. And it is known to have a lot of health benefits. Sprinting improves endurance and power performance. It burns excess calories and helps in metabolism, thereby inducing weight loss.  Sprinting is also an intense form of cardio which, in turn, improves heart health by making it stronger and efficient. Besides, it increases muscle strength.

Anil utilized his time at home during lockdown by working on his body He had unveiled his new beefed-up look on Instagram a few months ago and made it clear that he had not taken any supplements to get the desired body. Talking about the same, he had written in one of his posts on Instagram. “I have not taken any kind of supplements in this process. My trainer Marc and I have been talking about doing this kind of rebuild of my body for as many years as we have been together, which is 6 years!

Time was always a stumbling block, or filming requirements, endorsements, social obligations, or family time. Every year we would say we – this year for sure. Now in these very difficult circumstances, time is something we all seem to have a great deal of, so why not use this time to do the things you always promised yourself you would do. Strengthen your body, build muscle, build immunity, build flexibility. Respect your body. We might never have this much time available to us ever again.”

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