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Florida Goethanol PAC, Complaints of Voter Fraud, Turned Lawsuit Into Political Attack

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Florida Goethanol PAC, Complaints of Voter Fraud, Turned Lawsuit Into Political Attack

Florida gov signs GOP voting law critics call unAmerican

Republican voters in Florida are being targeted by what is considered to be a dirty and underhanded campaign strategy known as “vote-buying.” Although many legal experts have condemned the tactics used by the Florida Secretary of State’s Office as “voter intimidation,” these efforts appear to have had a noticeable impact on turnout numbers. Indeed, many local election officials say that turnout for the upcoming November election may be even lower than usual. Among the reasons cited for this drop in voter turnout are such politically motivated actions as the widespread use of voter ID (which some Florida residents are required to present when they vote) as well as “voter education” initiatives that have been promoted by prominent Florida politicians. In fact, many election law critics have been wondering if these efforts by the Florida legislature and the Florida Secretary of State are designed to limit the amount of voting that occurs in this critical swing state.

According to The Florida Department of State, it is “voter fraud” for any person who has not registered to vote to request an absentee ballot. The law also specifically states that it is unlawful for a person who has voted to attempt to obtain either a free absentee ballot or a change of registration card. In addition to this common-sense rule, the Florida Statute of Limitations allows a person who has died to request a change of voter registration within 60 days of the death. However, under the Florida Statute of Limitations, a person who has moved to Florida more than sixty days before an election can register to vote. Many Florida counties have also passed their own voter identification requirements, which vary from state to state. Florida is one of only a few states that require that each form of ID be provided to a potential voter to provide proof of citizenship.

According to election law experts, the complaints about voter fraud in Florida have been nearly ignored by local election officials. In fact, many election officials have been instrumental in creating new ways for voters to protect their privacy and safe vote totals. In response to the recent surge in complaints, many state Attorneys General has issued statements declaring that they would not file charges of voter fraud if they were unable to recover the votes cast illegally. Among the recent victories for the Florida Goethanol PAC and other voters concerned about election irregularities, was the successful recall of U.S. House District 17th District Congressional Candidate incumbent Allen West.

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