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Carnival Row Season 2 Confirmed Now! EXCLUSIVE news! Vignette and Philo! | Story | Updates | Release Date | Trailer | Plot

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Carnival Row season 2 is in the making! As the fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Carnival Row season 2, when will the series will stream? Read on to know!

Carnival Row season 2

Carnival Row is a fantasy drama series, which was released in 2019. It stars the Lord of the Rings fame Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Simon McBurney, and many more. Carnival Row season 1 was premiered on Amazon Prime Video and Carnival Row season 2 is expected to be released soon too.

This television series has eight episodes in the first season and has a runtime of 50 to 67 minutes each. Carnival Row is created by Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham. The music for Carnival Row season 1 was composed by Nathan Barr.

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Carnival Row is set in a mythological and Victorian world full of fantasy. The series tells the story of the mythological creatures, like the Fairies, and how they became immigrants after the invasion of human empires. The invasion of Humans had completely depleted all the rich resources of the mythological creatures and they are pushed to be the immigrants of the land. Carnival Row season 1 talks about the problems faced by these mythological creatures while trying to co-exist with humans.

The fairies and other mythological creatures are oppressed by the humans, made to become a minority in their own lands, prohibited to live, love, fly or do whatever they aspire to. The series tells the story of the “other” and tells it in the most truthful form. All hell breaks loose when a beautiful love and relationship is kindled between Rycroft Philostrate, a human detective, and Vignette Stonemoss, an immigrant fairy. Their love was considered to be the one that broke through the societal barriers and it was a perilous thing to do in an intolerable, misunderstood society filled with biases and prejudices.

Philo tries to unravel the mystery behind the series of horrible murders which jeopardizes the peace and order of the city of Row. The immigrant fairy Vignette possesses important evidence that will put the investigative case of Philo at risk. Philo’s investigation leads him to uncover some big surprises and reveals the unbelievable person or people behind it. Will Philo successfully unravel the mystery behind the case? Carnival Row season 2 needs to answer that question.

Carnival Row season 2


Rycroft Philostrate:

Orlando Bloom acts as Rycroft Philostrate in the series Carnival Row. Philo is the detective of Burgue Constabulary and is investigating a mystery and conspiracy at the darkness of Carnival Row. Philo is a veteran of wars and also partially a fae, the mythological creature known as fairies. Maybe due to this factor, Philo is understanding of the mythological creatures’ living and does sympathize with them. This does not sit well at all with his mates at the work. Carnival Row 2 is expected to unravel the conspiracy case.

Vignette Stonemoss:

This role is played by Cara Delevingne. Cara acts as a fae in the role of Vignette in this series. As a faerie, she had a fairly good and peaceful childhood. She was brought up in her family on their farm. During the mid-school, Vignette visits her home and to her shock, she finds that her family was dead and their home was buried in the ground. She understood that the Pact had trespassed into her homeland. The Pact is an alliance between the nations of Quivira and Cibola.

Vignette had no other option than to become a smuggler, to save the innocent faeries from the warring land of Tirnanoc. She puts her life on the line to do such a daring job and rescuing the faeries from that land. Vignette believed that her former lover Philo had died in a war. At the same time, Vignette joins a group of fae thugs known as the Black Ravens. What does the future hold for Vignette and Philo is to be told in Carnival Row season 2?

Breakspear family:

Breakspear family is known to be one of the most powerful and influential families in the city of Burge. Their family’s important members are these three. Absalom Breakspear, Chancellor of the Burgue’s parliament, played by actor Jared Harris. Piety Breakspear, Absalom’s wife and a member of Leonice the noble house is played by actress Indira Varma. Jonah Breakspear, the son of Absalom and Piety, played by Arty Foshan. The son Jonah is a rebel who tries to find his own destiny and does not like to be controlled by his father. The fates of Jonah and his parents are expected to become clear in Carnival Row season 2.

One of the other important characters is Tourmaline Larou played by Karla Crome. Tourmaline became friends with Vignette with her impressive poetry skills. She is a courtesan at Tetterby hotel.


Carnival Row season 2

Carnival Row season 2 was renewed by Amazon Prime Video for the second season in July 2019. The first season premiered on Prime Video on August 30, 2019. So, Amazon Prime actually renewed the season a month before the first season of Carnival Row was even released. This led the fans to hope for a quick release of Carnival Row season 2, but their hopes were in vain.

The production work for Carnival Row season 2 did actually begin early in November 2019, but it was stopped in the infamous March of 2020. The COVID-19 effect all over the world completely halted all the works and forced everyone to get back into their rooms. Production work for Carnival Row season 2 was also halted by the same.

After some months, the production work began again in August 2020 for Carnival Row season 2. There have not been any updates or official announcements yet regarding the completion of production work. Also, there have been no official announcements regarding the release dates of Carnival Row season 2. But the new Carnival Row season 2 is expected to release by the end of 2021 or in the early 2022s. These are complete expected speculations by the fans and there have been no official announcements yet. Let’s hope the production work is completed soon and Carnival Row season 2 hits our Prime Video screens. Watch the series streaming on Amazon Prime Video if you haven’t!

Did you like the characters of Carnival row season 2? if yes, do comment down below!


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