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Addison Rae age: know about the TIKTOK Personality ASTONISHING Personal Life | Career | Relationships!!

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Addison Rae’s age? Who is Addison Rae and why is she so popular? Read on to know more!

Addison Rae age

Addison Rae age: Addison Rae is a popular social media celebrity from the US. She owes her fame to the trending app called TikTok.

Today we’ll be discussing Addison Rae’s age, dating history, Tiktok videos, and what not?

Go on, keep reading to find more about Addison Rae!

Who is Addison Rae? Read more to find out!

Addison Rae was born on October 6, 2000, to Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Addison Rae Easterling has two siblings, younger brothers named Enzo Lopez and Lucas Lopez.

Addison Rae aims to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and still has not decided as to which college she should enroll in.

Initially, the actress’s parents were separated during Addison Rae’s childhood days. They got back together back in 2017, it is also said that before their re-marriage, they occasionally got back together. Both of them have active Tiktok accounts and posts content regularly with Monty Lopez having over 5 million followers and Sheri Easterling has more than 13 million followers.

Addison Rae has a youtube channel named Addison Rae where she regularly posts content of her music videos, makeup routines, TikTok videos, and more!

Addison Rae age: READ TO KNOW MORE

As per the sources available on the internet, it can be confirmed that the famous American TikTok personality was born on October 6, 2000, and Addison Rae’s age is currently 20 years old.

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okay now that we know Addison Rae’s age, let’s find more about her. Go on and read more to find out!

Rae’s Career and Education: Read below to know more!

Addison was raised in Louisiana. Before her TikTok fame, she was a part of her high school cheer team. Rae also actively participated in dancing when she was six years old. Rae also studied at Calvary Baptist Academy which is in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Rae was studying at Louisiana State University, shortly afterward, she dropped out to build her career in the TikTok world. Her favorite show is Stranger Things. She loves to travel and have a healthy lifestyle.


How did Rae’s career start? How was her career-building Journey? Read to know more:

Addison Rae age

Addison is said to be a member of the TikToker’s collaboration group called The Hype House, a collective group of Los Angeles-based TikToker’s.

Hype house was created so that all famous TikTokers can stay under one roof and create content and shoot their videos together, which will maximize their productivity. The founders of The Hype House are Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, and Kouvr Annon.

During the interview in “The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon” when asked about Addison’s current popularity of 78 million followers on Tiktok. Rae said the growth happened over the pandemic. When questioned about what kick-started this insane growth rate in her TikTok account, Rae replied that her follower’s growth kicked off after two particular videos. One in which she and her mom’s lip sang for Megan Thee Stallion song and another one in which she recreated “Obsessed by Mariah Carey”, which was liked by Mariah Carey herself. Her singles reached about 19 million views on youtube.

Rae’s youtube page has over 4.79 million fans following.

Addison also promised that her next single will come anytime sooner.


Addison’s Merch, Partnerships and launching of own brand:

Addison Rae age

As a part of her career, Rae also made numerous endorsements and merchandise. She even worked with Reebok, Hollister, American Eagle, and L’Oreal.  Addison also launched her Cosmetic line called the “Item Beauty”. She is the co-founder of Item Beauty alongside Made by the collective. The link for her official cosmetics website is: https://www.itembeauty.com/

Addison along with her mother has signed with WME, a talent and media agency situated in Beverly Hills, California. She even released a podcast along with her mother titled “Mama Knows Best” in July 2020. It’s a weekly podcast available only on Spotify. It’s about their personal and professional life.

Addison is an arid Instagram user too! she has over 38 million followers. She also has an official merch store called “Shop Addison Rae” both on Instagram and an official website.

The link to the official merch website is: https://shopaddisonrae.com/

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae: Dating?

Addison Rae age

Bryce Hall is also a YouTuber and a famous TikTok personality. The rumor started when Bryce Hall posted a picture of him and Addison holding hands, after which there was a picture of Bryce kissing her. These pictures become viral and soon they were rumored to be dating on the social media platform.

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Following this, Addison posted a TikTok video of her and Bryce. It was kind of a romantic video, which leads to even more confusion as to them dating.

Bryce Hall denied their relationship. Both Bryce Hall and Addison Rae stated that they are good friends and sometimes hang out together. Adding to this they were spotted together, did some couple photoshoots, and were seen on and off together. So still there’s no official confirmation!

It is also said that Addison Rae is so very busy and focused on building her career and establishing herself and she cannot take time for relationships.

A song for Addison Rae?

The Kid Laroi, an Australian Singer and rapper dedicated a song for Addison Rae. The song has over a million views on youtube.

That’s it for now readers!

Stay tuned to know more! Will update this article if there’s any news regarding Addison Rae’s age, personal life, and more!

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