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Shocking! Charlamagne Tha God apologizes to Kwame Brown Sadly.

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Charlamagne Tha God, the famous radio host, and personality for Power 105.1 FM in New York City has apologized to former NBA player Kwame Brown after comments he said about him at a live concert this morning on “The Breakfast Club.” Charlamagne had previously commented on how his criminal record may be one of the few things that can stop him from reaching his potential as an African-American male growing up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods across America; however, it was not received well by many including Kwame who came back with some harsh words during an Instagram Livestream commenting on Charlamagne’s past mistakes which caused all three men involved to address their feelings towards each other publicly over social media.

Charlamagne initially told people to dismiss his fellow South Carolina companion, Kwame. However in the second-placed apology video on Youtube, Charlemagne gave his actions the title of “Today’s Donkey. He apologized for revealing too much information about Kwame Brown and has extended apologies to both families involved in this matter as well – Bill Brown’s family and even Klarmage’s own brother who is also from Charleston.

In Charlamagne Tha God’s apology video to Kwame Brown, the rapper admits that he over-revealed personal information in an attempt to defend his brother. “I want to apologize for revealing too much,” he confesses at one point before later adding: I also would like you guys and your family not just this generation but for generations down …
“Charlemagne initially told people to dismiss my fellow South Carolina companion, Kwame.” But on Wednesday (April 3), amid all of the backlash from social media users who felt as though they were mislead about what exactly happened when Kanye West interrupted him during a live appearance last year –
he revealed more details that led up to their altercation.

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