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Angry! 50 Cent Responds to Vivica A. Fox for Calling Him the Love of Her Life

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Earlier this week, Vivica Fox called 50 Cent the love of her life and lamenting what could have been between them. This time she shared that they went public with their union too quickly which caused it to fail; he was less taken aback by his honesty in 2021 when asked about it again during an interview.

50 Cent isn’t bothered by Vivica A. Fox’s comments on their past relationship, but she still has a love for the hip-hop mogul after all these years.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Fox spoke about her former flame and shed some light on what ultimately led to their split: “All that publicity surrounding our romance was what killed it” says the actress who began dating Fif in 2003; however she admitted having feelings for him even now as he is set to release his new album Street King Immortal next month.

“In 2003, Vivica A. Fox began dating 50 Cent and broke up with him in 2006 due to the attention they received from their public relations.”

After meeting each other at a screening of “Get Rich or Die Tryin” starring Eminem, who was also rumored to be her former flame after she starred in his movie 8 Mile; that same year Fox’s and Fitty-cent got together it seemed like things were going well for them as he leaked on Twitter “I’m finally happy” but then all hell breaks loose when 2005 rolled around because reporters everywhere wanted something new about these two so one day while Gadsden is shooting scenes for his upcoming film Blood Out someone shouts out an insult which leads into Fif announcing.50 Cent Responds to Vivica A. Fox for Calling Him the Love of Her Life

“He’s such a gentleman, he’s very generous. I know him as Curtis, always will,” Fox said. “What killed the relationship is that we just went way too public way too fast. The love that I had for him and still to this day. … He was the love of my life, I will admit that without any reservations. He will always have a very special place in my heart.”

50 addressed Fox’s comments while speaking with Charleston-based radio host Kris Kaylin.

All of their conversations:

“I’m never bothered by when she says that,” he said. “At the time that we actually interacted with each other, we weren’t conscious of everything else that was going on.”

50 went on to say that there were simply too many people involved in their relationship, suggesting it may have had a better chance at surviving had it remained private.

“It got so uncomfortable with everybody else,” he said. When you gettin’ pushed and pulled in different directions, without it even being her decision. Her publicist would say, ‘do this,’ this person [would say] ‘do this.’ And then you go, ‘All right, this is not the right thing.’”

50 also confirmed Fox’s claim that he was going to propose to her with a 12-carat ring but turned the jewelry into earrings after he became upset with her.

You can hear Fif’s full response below and check out the entire interview here.

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