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Marvel Announce Captain America Now Will be Gay, Revealed!

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If you are a boy and have dreamed of him Captain America like your great love, now the fantasy makes more sense.
It is that the character that has popularized Chris Evans in recent years; he will take a personal turn by revealing his true identity to one person who shares this dream: actress Emma Stone!

The person you’ve dreamed of as your great love is more than likely Chris Evans, the guy who played Captain America in recent blockbuster movies. It’s time to put an end to that dream! You may still have a chance with him if he plays another superhero role like Loki or Iron Man someday soon!

“After 80 years of Marvel, Christopher Cantwell and Dale Eaglesham come together for The United States of Captain America. In a new limited series, we find that the shield has been stolen from our hero! See these two creators work their magic as they reveal what happens next!”Marvel Announce Captain America Now Will be Gay, Revealed!

The many different people who have taken up the role of Captain America are set on a journey across the country to find Steve Rogers. Along this adventure, they will stop at various cities where each man has defended and fought for freedom in their own way.

Steve Rogers, the leader of this four-man group, ventures across America with his friends to find himself.

This year, Marvel introduced their first gay superhero: one of Wanda and Vision’s twins.
The young heroes’ appearance in the MCU confirms that Billy (Wiccan) and Tommy (Speed ​​(Tommy)) are on board for adventures there too!

Jennifer Walters has never been happier to see her niece and nephew. Although she cannot get enough of the kids, not all is well in their lives as they’re on an adventure like no other.

Their appearance confirms that Wiccan (Billy) and Speed ​​(Tommy) will be in the MCU–a very exciting prospect for everyone involved!

Following the story in Wandavision son comics, Wiccan is gay and related to another teenage superhero named Teddy Altman. Together they are part of Marvel’s Young Avengers chapter which was started by Clint Barton’s daughter Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye as well as Ant-Man Hank Pym’s daughter Nadia Van Dyne aka The Wasp. In 2020, their first same-sex marriage will occur in a comic book series for an all-inclusive audience that includes people who love superheroes or just enjoy reading about them regardless of age or sexual orientation!

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