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If you Love watching TV Then you are losing your brain power

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You may have heeded the warnings of your parents as a youngster that too much TV might rot your brain.
Beware, three new studies are showing links between middle-age and television viewing is leading to cognitive decline later in life. Watching even moderate amounts of TV can hinder memory and reasoning skills down the line according to research findings.

Watching your favorite show is like taking time out from all the stress in life. But according to these studies, it may also be hurting the brain by reducing gray matter and increasing atrophy!If you Love watching TV Then you are loosing your brain power

Watching TV can reduce grey matter in our brains while atrophying them too? Talk about some serious couch potato action going on there!

Gray matter is fundamental for several brain functions, including sight and sound. The more gray matter that someone has, the better they are likely to be at remembering things or reasoning about them which can mean greater success in school as well as on an individual’s career path.

It seems that exercise when done in short intervals throughout the day such as 30 minutes per day to reduces cognitive decline. For example, if you are exercising for an hour but spend your other hours of the same time watching TV or working at a computer then there may be no significant benefits from doing this type of exercise.

So, does the brain age faster if you watch too much TV? Maybe not – it could be that sitting around and staring at a screen all day is more harmful to your health than actually watching television.If you Love watching TV Then you are loosing your brain power

The solution might be multifold. First, it’s recommended to spend more time active each day by doing things like cleaning your house or walking around the block for a little bit at least once during the day.

Check into a rehab center and try to move for at least five minutes of every hour. Additionally, the output tone should be more informative by adding that attempting mentally stimulating or interactive activities may help keep your brain sharp.

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