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Two guys Awfully Hold ‘Trump Won’ banner at Yankee Stadium, Regretted it

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The Bronx’s Yankee Stadium was ablaze with fury after some people hung up an enormous banner that pushed the voter fraud narrative of former president Donald Trump. The Yankees’ opponents, Boston Red Sox players appeared to be enraged by this and they were clearly trying to retaliate against them on the field in what is now one of baseball’s most heated rivalries ever seen!

The New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays game was interrupted by a false sign claiming that Trump had won the 2020 election. The call to action for people is to Save America from this blatant lie.

Alas, the display came to a swift end. Security at Yankee Stadium confiscated the banner and kicked out those responsible for it.

A number of social media users have come forward to offer different perspectives on the incident. After a video surfaced online showing an altercation between two people, some internet sleuths were able to identify them from footage at other angles and even find their bodycam videos for what led up to it all happening in the first place.Two guys Awfully Hold ‘Trump Won’ banner at Yankee Stadium, Regretted it

Clearly not everyone agrees with Mr. Trump’s comments on how China has taken advantage of the U.S., especially as it pertains to trade and currency manipulation, but he is most definitely a polarizing figure considering his public praise for our competitor in this domain!

Trump’s hometown is New York, but this isn’t the first time a supportive banner has been spotted at an event.

During a Yankees-Royals game in July 2018, Trump supporters hung up their “Trump 2020” banners and were met with boos from some fans and cheers from others.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City Mayor and Trump lawyer was booed at a Yankees game for his 74th birthday this Memorial Day.

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