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Canelo roars Badly ‘Go F*C* Yourself’ to Oscar De La Hoya as fighter feuds with the promoter of Social Media!

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In a recently posted video on his Instagram account, Canelo Alvarez has seen training. In the short clip, he teaches one of Oscar De La Hoya’s young fighters some new techniques inside the ring before finishing with several rounds against an imaginary opponent.

Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez are at it again, this time in the most public of arenas: social media. In an Instagram video posted by Oscar’s Golden Boy Promotions on Wednesday evening (June 27), a young boxer is shown being taught some tricks inside the ring–but even from outside that boundary line, you can tell which fighter was calling out instructions to him.
The latest round between these two rivals has been more one-sided than their previous ones; as seen with footage captured during his training sessions leading up to Saturday night’s fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Oscar appears relegated mostly to viewing role while making rounds through Las Vegas for interviews and other appearances before he takes over commentary duties.

“@la_amenaza01 receiving the gift of knowledge from the best PRP fighter, Canelo,” reads the Instagram post from an account called Supreme Boxing. “He’s teaching him how to hit your opponent when he is tired and how to feint from a distance[.] Thoughts?”

A comment section is a place where people can give their opinions about recent events. Recently, controversy has been going on between two famous boxers; Oscar De La Hoya and Saul Alvarez (56-1-2). The debate was started by the former champion when he claimed that his opponent is ducking current 154-pound titleholder Jermell Charlo.

“Please, this guy does everything wrong, head up when he throws hooks, on his heels, flat footed. What else? Oh he avoids @twincharlo”

Not surprisingly, Alvarez quickly responded with his own curt sally in the same comments section.

“@oscardelahoya do me a favor and go f— yourself.”

Alvarez also added to his response a slew of emojis including an egg, frying pan with eggs cooking in the skillet, and knives. These symbols are said to be nods to reports that De La Hoya was caught up in some sort of sex scandal involving kitchen utensils.Canelo roars Badly 'Go F*C* Yourself’ to Oscar De La Hoya as fighter feuds with the promoter of Social Media!

Charlo also took to his Twitter account, accusing Oscar De La Hoya of reneging on a promise he made back in 2014 for him to fight Alvarez. Charlo even went as far as shaming the boxing legend while pointing out that they both share Mexican heritage and supposedly had mutual respect between each other before this turn of events.

“Listen [I don’t know] if @OscarDeLaHoya lying or not, but in 2014 he promised me or @KingGabRosado the winner get @Canelo..I Won, but he ended up fighting Kirkland, @OscarDeLaHoya Gotta sick again, HOW DO U GO AGAINST YOUR OWN COUNTRYMAN viva Mexico !!!”

The sudden jibe from De La Hoya was probably prompted by some terse comments Alvarez made about the ex-promoter in an extended interview with Graham Bensinger on Besinger’s Youtube channel.

“[De La Hoya] doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy,” Alvarez said then. “He’s worried about drinking and being involved in other things.”

The pair were seemingly inseparable for the past decade, as Alvarez ascended to superstardom under De La Hoya’s care. But they had a nasty fallout last year that culminated with Alvarez suing De La Hoya and broadcaster DAZN – which he ended up settling and parting ways from. He is now a free agent but has worked with promoter Eddie Hearn on his last couple of fights; most notably coming off an impressive win over Billy Joe Saunders at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas this May where he unified WBC, WBA (which Bones won), and also captured the vacant IBF belt after beating him by knockout within six rounds!

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