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Rick Beato: ARE YOU MUSIC LOVER??? | Wikipedia | Music | Jazz | Genres | Latest updates 2021 | Personal Life | Career

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All you need to know about this great man!

Do you know who Rick Beato is? Well, if you are a great music fan you should be knowing. He is well known for country genres and also popularly known for jazz music. Who doesn’t love jazz isn’t it?

A lot of you people may not be so familiar with him and his works. If you do want to know then I’d suggest you quickly go follow his social media accounts. You’ll know him better.

Let me just give you a brief about this man.

His genres include blues-rock, blues, progressive rock, and jazz. He is a guitarist, producer, songwriter, and much more. His bachelor’s education was also done in the music field from Ithaca college New England and also owns a master’s degree in jazz from the Conservatory of Music. He is actively contributing to this industry for the past 43 years.

Rick Beato

How did it start and how he came this long way?!

Want to know how he could achieve so much in the music industry? In fact, to be honest, music is in his blood. His whole family comes from a music background. And it’s not so surprising that this man is here so successful with his music works.

Rick Beato was the second child out of seven in his family. His mother’s side family were all musicians. In fact, one of his uncles was a great jazz player back then. However, his father wasn’t a musician and knew nothing about music knowledge. But he had a great sense of music taste and loved listening to jazz all day. Jazz was a part of his childhood days because once his father starts playing jazz music it would go on till night when everyone went to sleep. Just sitting and listening to jazz music was what his father always did and enjoyed it a lot.

Growing up in this music environment, it’s not so surprising that Rick Beato has chosen music as his career. He received a good amount of support from his parents in his music career. And they have always been very supportive to him in whatever he experimented.

Music is so pure and so spiritual. Not everybody gets such a huge amount of music knowledge. Say whatever, but he is truly blessed.

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Rick Beato

Let’s dig into his career story

Rick Beato, beginning his music career as a YouTuber was totally not a planned thing. Because initially, he had started his career as a session musician, mixer, and professor, producer. It was one fine day that one of his friends wanted him to start with a youtube channel by uploading his music videos. In the beginning, he thought he would not be recognized so well being an old man. He even felt who would even look into this old and grey-haired man. But he gave a try on what his friend had told him to do. His very first video included his son where he identifies the most complex chords as Beato plays. The video reached 3 million likes. To his surprise, he started getting a very good response from the viewers.

As time passed and as more and more videos he started uploading, within no less time the number of subscribers and viewers increased rapidly. Viewers and fans also asked him to upload videos on music tutorials. And guess what, in very little time he starting striking the number of followers and subscribers to millions. There are other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram in which he is active and has a huge set of fans. His fans also started the merchandise stores selling t-shirts, posters, music CDs, and much more kinds of stuff. He has also written and published books based on music. And also, his youtube channels give a lot of information about music to people where he explains in detail everything about music.

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Rick Beato has collaborated with various other singers, musicians, and band members. His contributions are enormous in this industry. From being a great musician for so many years he switched his career field to become a YouTuber where he uploads his music videos and tutorials of very tricky chords. He believes it’s never too late to change or swift your career. And by becoming a YouTuber, he has gained much higher popularity and love from his fans. With his efforts and hard work, he has achieved so much and become so successful.

Rick Beato

Rick Beato


Richard Beato

April 24, 1962 (age 59)

EducationIthaca College (B.A.)

New England Conservatory of Music (M.A.)

Musical career
InstrumentsGuitar, bass, keyboards, vocals (background)[1]
Years active1978–present
Labels10 Star


In an interview,


I learned the cello in 3rd grade (laughs)

My undergrad degree is in Classical Bass, and I have a Masters Degree in Jazz Guitar, so I’ve studied music all the way from 3rd grade to my Masters, and then did Jazz Studies from ’87-92, mainly at Ithaca College in New York.

I got into music because I really liked it; a couple of my aunts music teachers. Music has always been a big  part of our household.


My old guitar teacher, Steve Brown, said “You can learn a lot by hanging out” (laughs) Meaning-“just listen and absorb things.”


1. What band was Rick Beato in?

Richard Beato (born April 24, 1962) is an American musician, songwriter, audio engineer, record producer, and YouTube personality who lives in Georgia. He has written songs with and produced music for, a variety of musical artists, including Needtobreathe, Parmalee, and Shinedown.

2. How much money does Rick Beato make on youtube?

approximately $ 10.6K per month
Rick Beato makes approximately $ 10.6K per month.

3. What is high information music?

I would define high information music as music with great melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic complexity, usually involving all 12 tones of the chromatic scale in its melodic and harmonic structure. We began with 45-minute listening sessions each night and changed to a new playlist every 30 days.


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Rick Beato – Youtuber (Music) – YouTube | LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rick-beato-a7129726

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