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National Cheese Day 2021: Which Cheese should you eat for better taste and health

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National Cheese day is coming up, and we here to help you figure out how this holiday can be a win-win. If you’re trying to lose weight cheese should not be your first choice but if it’s something that makes eating more enjoyable for you then go ahead!
Don’t let the adage “You are what u eat” deter or ruin any of your food choices as long as they align with a healthy lifestyle.

The making of cheese predates recorded history, but many historians estimate that the first cheese was made around 8,000 years ago. No one knows exactly who made the first cheese; however evidence for its production has been discovered in Central Asia and all over Europe. Some experts trace it to nomadic tribes living on milk from their large herds or even to Persia traders as early as 2200 BC .

The use of cheese date back to the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, where they discovered that milk could be curdled and served as an early form of dairy. It was not until 1815 when a Swiss man by the name of Joseph Furrer built a factory in Switzerland that cheeses were mass-produced for commercial purposes. Nowadays, there are so many varieties and flavors available including artisanal ones made with traditional methods!National Cheese Day 2021: Which Cheese should you eat for better taste and health

Malaysia is known as a melting pot of cultures, and this has also trickled down to their cuisine. Today it seems that traditional cheese platters are becoming more common at house parties than ever before thanks in part to the increased use of online shopping for specialty products such as wine with cheeses like brie or chèvre paired alongside them.

In Malaysia’s culture there seem to be many trends coming from all over the world mixing so even at your next party you might find yourself looking up recipes using some exotic ingredients never heard of before!

Swiss Cheese

There are 400 types of cheese in the world! No wonder it’s hard to decide which one has your benefits. One option is Swiss Cheese I made out of cow’s milk and lower in fat, sodium, calories per slice than other cheeses. It also provides a lot of Vitamin B12 as well as a 20% calcium requirement for the day- making this an excellent choice if you’re looking to balance all areas of health care while eating something delicious at lunchtime or dinner time too 😉


The rich and decadent flavor of Manchego cheese makes it an excellent option for a wine pairing. This Spanish sheep’s milk cheese is tangy, nutty, and grassy with its high butterfat content making it creamy yet not as so as brie. The saltiness in the taste profile goes well when paired alongside sweet or savory crackers such as almonds, walnuts, honey marmalade, or thinly sliced ham which are also flavors that go great with red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain’s Rioja region or Pinot Noir from France

Cottage Cheese

If you’re looking for a high-quality, low-calorie snack that’s packed with protein and antioxidants then this is the cheese of your dreams. Made from pasteurized cow milk it has less than half as many calories per serving compared to similar cheeses like cheddar or brie so it won’t have any negative effects on weight loss goals!

Bleu Cheese

The “Holy Cow!” award goes to the most delicious, creamy, and salty cheese. It’s also healthy! Higher in sodium than other cheeses on this list but provides more calcium which is crucial for good bone health so it can be eaten in moderation. Sprinkle some of your Holy cow cheese onto salads or soups and you’ll have a nutritious meal that tastes great too!

Mozzarella Cheese

This cheese is healthier than you may think! It’s high in calcium, protein, and sodium. With moderation being your friend like we said before, this type of dairy product can be a healthy addition to any diet or meal plan.

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