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Is Antonio Garza trans? SHOCKING facts about the 18 year old!

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Is Antonio Garza trans? Who is Antonio Garza, What is her story and What does she do? Read on to know more.

Is Antonio Garza trans
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Antonio Garza is a popular Youtuber and a social media influencer. She became popular among the Gen Z crowd for her funny and unique makeup videos. Antonio Garza had a regular childhood in the United States of America. Antonio Garza is an American citizen, but she has a Caucasian ethnicity too. Is Antonio Garza trans? Read on to know more!

She was born on 15th December 2002 in an American family in Austin, Texas. Not a lot has been revealed by Garza when it comes to her parents and siblings. She has attended regular school in her childhood in Austin, Texas. There is no clear information regarding the schools she attended too, though she has made a few videos at the schools.

Antonio Garza did begin growing up along with her interest in doing makeup and focused on her beauty. So the makeup practices seen in her youtube videos today are not a result of a night’s efforts. She has practiced the art of makeup for years together since her childhood, to master it. Her makeup prowess began to impress the audience along with her funny and relatable content too.

As a school student, it seems that Antonio Garza was pretty much a normal regular school student and was not a famous or popular figure. But later, Antonio Garza decided to quit her high schooling because she wanted to focus and grow more on her Youtube career and create content regularly. So is Antonio Garza trans?


In the video “I dropped out of school and here’s why“, Antonio explains the reasons why she did quit her schooling. She mentioned that having to juggle between school assignments and youtube and video editing was straining and taking a toll on her. The grades in her school began to fall as she was growing popular on Youtube since she was not able to focus on her studies. What about er gender identity? Is Antonio Garza trans? Read on!

And also trying to keep up with the schooling was resulting in the loss of her followers on Youtube and other social media sites. When she informed her mother, she was opposed to Antonio dropping out of school. But soon enough, she understood the reason behind Antonio Garza’s actions and was supportive of her.

In the video, Antonio Garza explains that she was like I am out and did not want to return to school after that. She explains to her viewers that she did not want to sacrifice Youtube, which bestowed popularity and brought the fans to her. Antonio felt that sacrificing something of such great importance to her for school, which made her feel unhappy, was not right at all. She also added a word of caution to her fans to not drop out of schools hastily and added that she is going to enroll in an online school instead. To know if Antonio Garza trans and other doubts, read on!


In the 11th annual shorty awards, Antonio Garza was the winner in the Beauty category. Shorty awards are given to content creators and producers on social media apps like Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The then 16-year-old Social media influencer won the Shorty awards for her makeup content. Antonio Garza made sure that she brought authenticity to her content and transformed the ideas and thinking of her fans online.

Majorly she discusses teen issues and societal pressures in her videos. She also makes sure to turn these heavy topics into lighthearted and funny videos. It is safe to say that Antonio Garza’s content played a major role in removing the talking of teen and societal issues by people online. She has also changed her millions of followers to be more authentic and feels comfortable in their own skin. So then, Is Antonio Garza trans? Has she spoken about it? It is natural to have these queries like Is Antonio Garza trans when she is outspoken about it! Read on!

Is Antonio Garza trans
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Antonio Garza has been criticized a lot over the course of her Youtube career. She started her youtube account in the year of 2014 and has not posted a video until 2018. The first video she posted was titled Valentines Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look in 2018. The video shows Antonio applying makeup to her face and is almost nothing similar to the videos she does today. The edits were all part of the learning process for Antonio.

Though her videos were simple, Antonio’s makeup prowess impressed the fans and her funny, relatable delivery was soon a hit among the teenagers. She could almost connect with her fans so easily as a fellow teenager. But the criticisms were on the way too. Some of her fans criticized Antonio for not being consistent with the content production and also that her content with makeup was too repetitive.

Though Antonio dropped out of school to make content for youtube more consistently, it did not seem to go in that way. In one of her videos, Antonio Garza talks about how unexpectedly demanding online school was too. That seems to be once again preventing her consistent content production. Antonio Garza’s makeup and editing skills are top-notch and there is no doubt about that. But the credits need to give about the fact that she chose to be comfortable in her own skin, in her own way, and also ask her fans to do so too. So Is Antonio Garza trans? What has she spoken about it?

Is Antonio Garza trans
Source- Youtube


This is a natural question for a newly introduced fan of Antonio Garza. Is Antonio Garza trans? What is her story?

Yes. Antonio Garza identifies as a Trans woman. Antonio Garza was born as a male but she took up the gender identity of a Trans woman. So yes it is Antonio Garza trans true. Her bold assertion of her gender identity made her popular among the fans too. So this is the true answer for the most asked question Is Antonio Garza trans?

We hope all your queries have been answered!

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