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Know All About Betsy Woodruff Swan!! Her Bio, Love Life, Achievements and Everything!! | 2021 |

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Betsy Woodruff Swan is one of the well-known journalists, and she is frequently associated with them. Betsy, on the other hand, is a fantastic journalist in her own right. She’s earned a name for herself as an outspoken political journalist.

News reporters play an essential role in our everyday lives. We see them every day as they talk about politics, weather, sports, and various other topics. They have a more significant impact on our lives than we realize. Betsy Woodruff Swan of the Daily Beast is one such important reporter.

Betsy is also lovely and articulate, which makes her a fan-favorite among the audience. Betsy is on her way to the top, but few people know anything about her. Continue reading to learn more about Betsy Woodruff Swan.

Betsy Woodruff Swan

Early Life Of Betsy Woodruff Swan:

Betsy Woodruff Swan was born on October 31, 1989. Her parents, Scott and Jane Woodruff reared her along with a brother and a sister. Betsy’s mother attended the University of Missouri and earned a marketing degree.

She used to work at the Patrick Henry College Bookstore before becoming a homemaker. Jane, unlike her daughter, is cautious about talking politics. Betsy has acknowledged that her parents were instrumental in instilling in her a strong work ethic. She complimented her father, in particular, for training her to work hard and consistently to follow the rules.

Her parents’ influence rubbed off on her siblings as well. They’re all excellent at what they do. Chris, Betsy’s brother, is an executive director at Life Raft International and resides in Bangkok with his family. Jane, Betsy’s sister, is a lawyer who works at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig in Virginia.

Betsy Woodruff Swan

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Path To Become A Journalist:

Betsy Woodruff Swan’s passion for journalism began at an early age and expanded through time, driving her to seek a career as a journalist. Her parents provided her with unwavering support, and she finally made a name for herself as a writer specializing in political writing and reporting. She also expresses her thoughts on political and essential subjects. Betsy demonstrated her writing and reporting abilities as a student while participating in her school’s Dow Journalism Program. She also worked as a reporter, copy editor, and City News editor for The Hillsdale Collegian.

She also wrote for the Washington Examiner, National Review, and Toledo Free Press. She began working as a summer intern with the Washington Examiner in 2011. After graduating from Hillsdale in 2012, she was awarded the William F Buckley Fellowship from the National Review Institute. She worked for the National Review for a few years before returning to the Washington Examiner. She formerly worked for the online magazine Slate.

Betsy began working as a political journalist for ‘The Daily Beast’ in March 2015. She has gradually emerged as a pivotal contributor to the news and opinion website. Her responsibilities include the Department of Justice, federal law enforcement, and immigration. During the 2016 American presidential election, she was a prominent contributor to ‘The Daily Beast’ news. While carefully following the presidential campaign that year, Betsy also reported on Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s participation in the election and various topics related to Congress.

Betsy has also spoken out on many political issues on shows, including Fox Business, Morning Joe, and Hardball with Chris Matthews. Betsy’s excellent journalism career has earned her various distinctions and accolades, including one from the ‘Michigan Press Association.’ Her journalism accomplishments earned her the ‘Wallace Brown Award’ in 2014.

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Betsy Woodruff Swan


On March 11, 2018, Betsy proposed to her long-term lover, Jonathan Swan. She captioned a pic she posted on Instagram:

“We’re getting hitched! One of the very many perks: for the rest of my life….”

The couple is thought to have started dating around 2014. Betsy and Jonathan married on September 14, 2019, after a year and a half engagement.

Jonathan is Australian, and he began his career as a national correspondent for Fairfax Media in Australia. He joined Axios as a national political writer in December 2016. During his tenure at Axios, he was embroiled in a scandal when Washington Post journalist Ronald Kessler stated that he was one of the journalists Trump fed material to.

The allegations surfaced when Jonathan Swan became the first journalist to publish several high-profile articles. For example, he was the first to report that the Trump administration will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.


Is she Connected with Bob or Judy Woodruff?

Many people believe Betsy Woodruff Swan is connected to Bob or Judy Woodruff. The fact that the other Woodruffs are also journalists adds to the parallels. They are not, however, associated in any manner.

Bob Woodruff is married to Lee McConaughy and is the son of Frances Ann and Robert Norman. Bob is a father of four kids. He is a well-known journalist who has worked for networks such as CBS and ABC News. He was critically injured while reporting the Iraq war in 2006. His remarkable recovery prompted the establishment of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which assists veterans and their families.

Judy Woodruff is the daughter of William Woodruff, an army officer, and Anna Lee. She is the wife of journalist Al Hunt and the mother of three children. Judy has worked for CNN, PBS, and NBC during her remarkable career. She is the managing director and anchor of the PBS NewsHour. She was also a founding member of the International Women’s Media Foundation.

The three well-known Woodruffs are unrelated. It’s only a coincidence that they have the same name and work in the same industry.


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  • What’s the height, age, and weight of Betsy Woodruff Swan?

Ans: Betsy Woodruff Swan is 31 years old, and her height is 5 feet 5 inches with a weight of 55 kg.

  • What is the net worth of Betsy Woodruff Swan?

Ans: Net worth of Betsy Woodruff Swan is around 7 million USD.

  • Does she have any social accounts?

Ans: Yes, she has a Twitter account with 214k followers. You can follow him there.


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