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Fallout 76 Will Let You Visit Fallout 3, Releasing in 2022, What you will get? Find out

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The Pitt is an area from the Fallout 3 game. It will be featured in a new expansion for Bethesda’s official MMO, Fallout 76.

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Bethesda didn’t share much about the upcoming Expedition, which will be added to Fallout 76 in 2022. The expedition will let players leave the Applachian wasteland and venture into The Pitt (a region last featured by Bethesda back in 2009).

During their press conference at E3 2019, Bethesda also released a new trailer for Steel Reign—the next expansion of Fallout 76 that continued with Brotherhood of Steel storyline started back in 2020 with Steel Dawn.

The latest major update for Fallout 76, “Lock and Loaded” came in April. The new features players requested include the ability to create multiple camps as well as S.P.E.C.I A L loadouts before that with Steel Dawn adding a Brotherhood of Steel questline revolving around established lore from December 2020 onwards while some fans weren’t happy about certain alterations Bethesda made such as changing up game world lore which we will explore more this week on our blog!Fallout 76 Will Let You Visit Fallout 3, Releasing in 2022, What you will get? Find out

The new “Steel Dawn” update for Fallout 76 allows you to go on a questline that’s revolving around the Brotherhood of Steel faction. While this is generally well-received, some fans are not happy with how Bethesda was changing up their established lore from other games in the series.

Bethesda’s continued interest in keeping Fallout 76 updated has been a years-long cleanup attempt, and they are finally seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel.

Fallout 76, famously released in 2018 with an extremely rough state. Players complained about numerous bugs and a lack of NPCs and content. There was also what became the very silly Fallout 76 saga that involved canvas bags and gaming influencers! It was all anyone could talk about for weeks on end – or so it seemed like at the time anyway…
However, over the years since its launch Bethesda has developed more tweaks to this online wasteland which include adding NPC’s as well as seasons/events such as 2020s’ Wastelanders story line where players can help rebuild towns after nuclear fallout by becoming mayors-of-miniature. News today confirms they’re not slowing down anytime soon either; there are bound to be even more updates before year’s end.

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