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Two injured, Woman killed [DEAD] Brutaly after Car drove into crowd of protesters in Uptown,

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Police say the suspect drove into a group of people near West Lake Street and Girard Avenue South.

The Minneapolis police hope that the culprit behind this crime is found and brought to justice.

The Uptown community has been shaken by a recent car attack on protesters, resulting in two people taken to the hospital with injuries as well as one woman dying from her injuries. Police are unsure of whether or not there was an intention for these individuals to be harmed but it’s clear they were involved in peaceful protest when their lives changed drastically due solely because someone else wanted them dead – we can’t let violent crimes like this get lost among all other crimes committed against innocent victims just because those who commit such atrocities happen to live within our borders instead of outside them! So please help us find out what happened so that no more violence will occur.

Minneapolis police say two people were taken to the hospital and a woman has died after a car drove into group of protesters in Uptown late Sunday night.

The crowd is currently protesting on West Lake Street when suddenly they are being disrupted by someone driving against traffic through them – leaving one person dead.

Police say that, during the protest of President Trump’s visit to Minneapolis last night, some protesters pulled a driver from his car and began beating him before officers took the suspect into custody. There are early indications drugs or alcohol may be involved in this crash; police have not yet released any information on what exactly caused it. Two injured protestors had been taken to Hennepin County Medical Center as of yesterday morning— one was classified as being in very critical condition while another woman died due to her injuries sustained at the rally-turned-riot.

Police have not yet released the face of a male suspect who reportedly dragged another man with his car. The driver was also taken to a nearby hospital for treatment but police are struggling to identify both victim and perpetrator before they can release any more information about what happened at this time.

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