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Find out about Bernice Burgos daughter, her life before becoming famous and much more! Secrets

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Did you know Bernice Burgos’s daughter and also Bernice Burgos’ meteoric journey to the top of the game is the quintessential rags to riches tale. The stunning model has worked her way up from low beginnings to become one of the most well-known names in the fashion and modeling industry.

Burgos is best known for her work as a video vixen. She’s been in several music videos, including Drake’s and J. Cole’s. She is, however, much more than gorgeous curves and a lively attitude. Bernice’s work, family, and the turmoil she has to deal with regularly will be the focus of this essay. Bernice Burgos daughter is very charming.

Bernice Burgos daughter
Bernice’s Twitter

Bernice Burgos Daughter

Bernice Burgos was born in the Bronx, New York City, on April 17, 1980, and is of Puerto Rican origin. Burgos’ first child, Ashley, was born when she was 15 years old. Bernice’s father was critical of her, and Ashley was embarrassed to be pregnant at such a young age.

Bernice told The Breakfast Club, “Having a child at the age of 15, I had to like rush into being a mother… I’m over here being pregnant at the age of 15. It was so embarrassing coz if y’all think I have a babyface now when I was 15 I looked like I was 7. People were like, ‘Oh my God! A baby having a baby.’… It just felt like, I don’t know, it didn’t feel good… I’m 15, but I gotta act like I am 30.”

Bernice’s life was forever transformed as a result of her pregnancy. Her grandma evicted her, and she was forced to live with her boyfriend’s mother. Bernice couldn’t afford to pay her rent, so she was compelled to do duties around the house to stay there. Bernice had to drop out of school due to the weight of her responsibilities.

Bernice Burgos has two daughters, Bernice Burgos daughter first name is Ashley and the Bernice Burgos daughter second name is Sarai.

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Bernice Burgos worked as a bartender

Bernice Burgos daugher
Hollywood Life

Bernice began working as a bartender after dropping out of high school. On the side, she experimented with modeling, which led to a career as a video vixen. Photographers and magazine editors fell in love with her charisma and stunning body right away. Bernice Burgos daughter is also very famous

She was featured in magazines like SHOW and XXL at the start of her career.
J. Cole’s video for the song Work Out was her debut video appearance. She made an appearance in Rick Ross’s Diced Pineapples video three years later.

Bernice continued to work as a bartender despite her popularity as a vixen and model, and she made a lot of money doing so. Bernice told The Breakfast Club that she worked as a bartender on Sundays, earning up to $8,000 on some days.

When Bernice became famous, people began to speculate about whether her figure was real or if she had undergone surgery. After a photo of a younger, slimmer Bernice appeared, the questioning began. Bernice didn’t try to hide the fact that she’d had surgery, and she was proud of it. Her desire to improve her figure arose after she attended a strip club and was enthralled by the acts of the dancers.

Her first body augmentation treatment, Bernice told The Breakfast Club, was neither legal nor safe. She said, “It is illegal… It was in a basement, but she had it set up real nice. It was a house though. It was so many years ago… That was the first thing I did, right after I had my second daughter. I already have an ass. I just wanted to fill my side dents. She hooked it up real cute.”

Bernice’s second daughter, Sarai, is 10 years younger than Ashley, her first daughter.

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Bernice’s apparel company was launched with the help of Bernice Burgos daughter-

Bernice Burgos daughter
Film Journal

Bernice was well compensated as a vixen and a bartender, but she still yearned for her own business. Bernice’s kid had the notion to establish her own clothing brand. The line Bold and Beautiful was created by Bernice and Ashley, and it worked out beautifully for the mother-daughter duo.

Bernice said, “She designed it and she was like, ‘Ma, we could do this. Let’s do this together.’ Even though I and her bump heads sometimes, she’s my child. But, it’s just going so well.”

Bold and Beautiful is a clothing label aimed primarily at women. Burgos’ main business inspiration, according to the apparel line’s website, is Bernice Burgos,’s daughter. She said, “It’s important for me to teach progression to my daughters. Bold and Beautiful provides me with an opportunity to grow a business with my daughter and satisfy a need in the fashion industry for sleepwear that makes a woman feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.”

Bernice has two daughters, they have an age gap of 10 years between them. Bernice Burgos daughter is very stunning and charming as you see it.

Bernice was chastised for continuing to work as a model after the birth of Bernice Burgos daughter.

Bernice became a grandma at the age of 39 when her daughter gave birth to her first child in March 2018. Following the birth, some admirers chastised Bernice for staying in her area of work. Bernice, on the other hand, came out fighting and declared that she would not be deterred by the opinions of others. She explained to Hollywood Unlocked, “I don’t really pay them no mind.

I really worry about the people that be around me, that’s my main concern because your own closest friends could be the ones that are hating on you and those be the ones that hurt me the most. That’s why I try to be careful who I bring around my circle.”

Bernice maybe a grandmother, but she insists that she isn’t done having children of her own. She went on, “I still want another baby. I want one more. I always said I wanted three kids and then that’s it.”

Did you get enough information about Bernice Burgos? Did you get enough information about Bernice Burgos daughter?  Would you like to read more about Bernice Burgos daughter? Would you like to read more about Bernice Burgos? Did I miss out on anything about Bernice Burgos? Did I miss out on anything about Bernice Burgos daughter? Comment below and let us know.


Q- How tall is Bernice Burgos?

Ans- Bernice Burgos is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q- What is the Bernice Burgos horoscope?

Ans- Her horoscope is Aries.

Q- What is Bernice Burgos daughter’s birthplace?

Ans- Her birthplace is New York City, USA.

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