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Body Parts Found Scattered Across Minneapolis, Identified as Dad, Mind Sickness

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The remains of a Minneapolis man, who was believed to be 36-year-old Adam Richard Johnson, were found on Thursday. The circumstances surrounding his death are under investigation; it is not clear whether he died recently or years ago. Police say they have made no arrests yet and there has been nothing in the case that suggests freezing or preserving the body at any point after death occurred.

Family and friends of the recently deceased man Adam Richard Johnson are looking to raise money for his family’s funeral costs. They hope that with your help they can give him a proper burial, but remember this is in addition to their own struggles during these difficult times.

A 36-year old man from the small town of Mobile, Alabama died earlier this month. His family is struggling to afford his funeral and burial because they don’t have enough money saved up for such an event. The $5,000 that Go Fund Me aims to raise will go towards their expenses as well as any other costs incurred during the time leading up to it like flowers or a headstone with his name engraved on it.Body Parts Found Scattered Across Minneapolis, Identified as Dad, Mind Sickness

“Adam leaves behind many family members and most especially two small children,” the Go Fund Me reads. “Anyone who has been in this situation knows that every little bit helps. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!”

About the Scattered Body Part

The dismembered human remains that were found last week scattered in two separate locations in Minneapolis have been identified as a mentally ill father of two who had been in and out of jail for various offenses, including for hurling feces at transit workers.

The police found Johnson’s body parts strewn across Main Street and University Avenue in Minneapolis– but all of them are still missing.

Police were disturbed by the crime scenes that they saw at 300 blocks on North East, which was where some of his body parts were scattered around from early morning Thursday to late night Friday.


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