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The Suicide Squad’s Newest Trailer Takes a Shot at Superman, Killed a Giant Star Fish, How they ended up with Superman

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You’ve probably heard of the Suicide Squad before, but that was just for fun. Why? Amanda Waller implants tiny bombs into their heads so they don’t run away and escape during missions! Harley Quinn’s been around since then too- she knows about these little explosives better than anyone because her mind is wired to them. People say it’s experiencing that bind this group together–but we know what really does: those pesky bombs implanted in each member’s head by none other than you guessed it -Waller herself!

The Suicide Squad is bound by more than the relationships forged through shared experiences. There’s also a device implanted within each member of the team that will kill them if they try to escape and Amanda Waller, their leader, isn’t pleased with how things are going on her missions for them. The tiny bombs have been there from day one as seen in Harley Quinn’s first meeting with Rick Flagg when she was still Dr. Harleen Quinzel

The studio’s release of the trailer this way is a mystery. The curiosities on the internet are running high, as there was no previous indication that this would be happening so soon and without warning.The Suicide Squad's Newest Trailer Takes a Shot at Superman, Killed a Giant Star Fish,  How they ended up with Superman

In the newest trailer for The Suicide Squad, Bloodsport takes center stage as the recruit in charge of shooting Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. After detailing how he’s essentially Deadshot 2.0 by being able to do this one thing that most people would believe is only possible if you’re someone like Deadshot (since it requires so much skill), we see some scenes from when they were on their mission in Corto Maltese where he proves himself even more and comes off as totally badass.

In the latest trailer for Suicide Squad, we see that Waller has sent Bloodsport and King Shark to destroy a dangerous weapon. They will be joined by Harley Quinn who is adept in both sharpshooting and fighting with her hands or weapons. The newest footage gives us an interesting look at one of Harley’s more whimsical fight sequences which read visually as it belongs in fantasy rather than reality.

What’s the Suicide Squad really about? It can be hard to tell from their ads. But it appears that they have a lot of fun with this movie, so give them credit for taking risks and having some good old-fashioned d*CK jokes! The exact plot remains unclear but if you want your entertainment while watching blood spill on screen make sure you watch these guys when it comes out in theaters 8/6 or HBO Max August 15th.

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