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Poldark Season 6: Release Date is Out? Cast, Plot, Latest Updates, Will BBC Bring It Back?

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If you like to watch a historical romantic drama then you should watch Poldark. It is a historical drama which is made by BBC which is adopted from the novel Poldark written by Winston Graham.

I like to watch romantic stories with historical plots. so, I personally liked this drama very much. I had watched its all episodes of its all 5 season. Now I am just waiting for its next season.

But till now I am not sure that Poldark season 6 will come or not but I am sure that all fans of Poldark would be curious to know whether Poldark season 6 will come or not.

So, here I had done some research to get the answer about the Poldark season 6. So, you all can rely on my research to get all answers about the Poldark season 6. Here you will also get to know some important aspects of the drama Poldark.


Poldark Season 6


Basically, the story revolves around the life of Caption Ross Poldark.

Ross Poldark was a British army officer, who returns to his hometown from the American war of independence. after returning he found his father was no more and their family business has spoiled, he also comes to know that his beloved sweetheart Elizabeth Chynoweth is engaged with his cousin Francis Poldark.

At that point, Ross was in a hurtful condition. However, Demelza who used to be his maid showed hope in his life in the form of love. after that, they both got married.

If you will watch the drama, then you will find amazing chemistry between those two, also you will find that there is forever torn between Elizabeth and Demelza. The drama is really amazing you should watch it.


Poldark was written created by Debbies Horsfield and its producer is Margaret Mitchell. It’s starring:

  • Adan Turner as Caption Ross Vennor Poldark.
  • Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza Poldark.
  • Heida Reed as Elizabeth Warleggan
  • Ruby Bentall as Verity Blamey
  • Jack Farthing as George Warleggan
  • Luke Norris as Dr. Dwight Enys
  • Beatie Edney as Prudie Paynter
  • Pip Torrens as Cary Warleggan
  • Caroline Blakiston as Agatha Poldark
  • Kyle Soller as  Francis Poldark
  • Phil Davis as Jud Paynter
  • Warren Clarke as Charles Poldark
  • Gabriella Wilde as Caroline Enys
  • John Nettles as Ray Penvenen
  • Christian Brassington as Reverend Osborne
  • Ellise Chappell as Morwenna Carne
  • Sean Glidder as Tholly Tregirls
  • Harry Richardson as Drake Carne
  • Josh Whitehouse as Lieutenant Huge Armitage
  • Tom York as Sam Carne
  • Tim Dutton as Joshep Merceron
  • Kerri Mclean as Catherine ”Kitty ” Despard
  • Vincent Regan as Colonel Edward ”Ned Despard ”
  • Peter Sullivan as Ralph Hanson
  • Tristan Sturrock as Captain Zacky Martin



Poldark Season 6

Till now there is total 5 season and 43 episodes of the drama Poldark. Its first season was broadcasted back in 2015 and the last season was in 2019. The maker had used the novel of Poldark written by Winston Graham for the script. However, till its fifth season, only seven novels had been covered and the story of the fifth season is not a reflection of a novel. The makers had made various changes in the story which makes the drama more interesting.



Well, till now there is no news on whether or not a sixth season will be made for Poldark. Its first season was on air in 2015 and has got lots of popularity and also won lots of awards. Its fifth season was on air in 2019 and after this viewers were curious to watch Poldark season 6. Sadly, the makers of the series already announced season 5 as the last season of this drama series.

But we all know that the drama Poldark was adopted from the novel of the same name Poldark. We also know that the novel Poldark has 12 books and the series had covered only 7 books till its fifth season. So, there are still 4 unexplored books. So, by this, we can except for the Poldark season 6.

there is another reason based on which we can expect for the sixth season of this drama. The producer of the series Poldark, Karen Thrussell previously commented:

This season(Poldark season 5)will be the last series in Poldark’s chronicle….for now. Who knows what the future holds

Again, Poldark showrunner and scriptwriter, Debbies Horsfield said that she will be available to write the story of the sixth season of the series Poldark.

So by all this evidence, we can expect that there will be season 6 of the series Poldark, as still, 4 books left and who knows what will happen in the future. So let’s hope for the best.

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This series is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and also there are DVDs available for its whole season. So from there, you can get one very easily.


The series Poldark is amazing series. It gains lots of popularity and it also won the BAFTA Awards,2016, and the Satellite Award,2018 for the best TV Ensemble. the series was nominated for-

  • Irish Film and Television Award(2016 and 2017) twice.
  • National Television Award, UK (2016 and 2017) twice
  • The Monte-Carlo TV Festival,2016.
  • Royal Television Society, UK(2016,2017,2018) thrice.


As I mentioned earlier this series is adapted from the novel of the same name Poldark written by Winston Graham and it has a total of 12 novels but the series covers only 7 books. The first novel of Poldark was published in 1946. The names of all 12 novels are:

  • Novel 1- Ross Poldark.
  • Novel 2- Demelza Poldark.
  • Novel 3- Jeremy Poldark.
  • Novel 4- Warleggan.
  • Novel 5- The Black Moon.
  • Novel 6- The Four Swans.
  • Novel 7- The Anger Tide.
  • Novel 8- The Stranger From The She.
  • Novel 9- The Miller’s Dance.
  • Novel 10- The Loving Cup.
  • Novel 11- The Twisted Sword.
  • Novel 12- Bella Poldark.


Now, this is the time to end up my article. If you all are interested in more love stories, then I will suggest you watch this.

And those who completed watching season 5, then wait for season 6 because season 6 can be released at any instant. Until then you people can read the remaining novel of Poldark to get an idea for season 6.


  • Will there be season 6 of Poldark?
  • Where I can watch season 6 of Poldark?
  • How many seasons does Poldark have?

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