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A Complete Guide to Dragon Ball Z filler list!! Good news for DBZ fans!! Latest!! | 2021 |

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If you haven’t seen the Dragon Ball series yet and want to know the Dragon Ball Z filler list, here is the place to be. Then you’ve come to the correct place on the internet. Dragon Ball Z is the finest because it includes some of the best action scenes with a touch of humor.

We also cover here the Dragon Ball Z filler list, so if you haven’t seen the preview season of this beautiful anime, you may start there. From 1989 until 1996, this action anime aired. Dragon Ball Z has 21 filler episodes out of 291 total.

Dragon Ball Z filler list:

Here is the list of dragon ball z fillers you can skip or watch; it depends upon You.

Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes are :

9-17, 20, 39-44, 100, 102, 108-117, 124-125, 170-171, 174, 195-199, 202-203, 274, 288

Mixed Filler Episodes are :

1, 7-8, 18, 22, 204, 229, 251, 287


Mixed Canon Episodes include some extra stuff that does not appear in the manga. On the other hand, Manga canon episodes describe the plot that occurs after the manga’s original events. However, to fully enjoy and comprehend the anime, you must also see these Mixed Canon Episodes.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z fillers:

Over 21 of the series, 291 episodes were deemed filler. While filler episodes sometimes overlap with their canon counterparts, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Dragon Ball Z filler episodes that should be considered canon due to how much they bring to this classic anime treasure.

Dragon Ball Z Filler

“Goku’s Ordeal” 10 (Episode 125)

This episode demonstrated to viewers what would happen if Goku or Piccolo ever got behind the wheel of a car, and the outcome isn’t pleasant. Forced by his wife to take driving lessons, Goku enrolls at a driving school alongside Piccolo. The two Z-Fighters breach nearly every driving rule in the book, with their hatred boiling to the surface at one point as they seek to outrace each other.

This episode featured an excellent combination of fun and stakes for a Dragon Ball Z filler and acted as a pleasant respite before the coming of the Androids.


“Gohan’s First Date” (Episode 202)

Goku had always been socially inept, but according to how Dragon Ball Z presented his childhood, he experienced a severe concussion that obliterated all of his Saiyan programmings. That’ll always be a valid reason. On the other hand, Gohan was born and raised on Earth, so when he eventually got his first date with a female after entering high school, fans recognized he was maturing right in front of their eyes.

This episode adds to the brief tension between Gohan and Videl and illustrates how Gohan prefers to use his brain rather than his power to solve a blackmail situation. Still, he does turn to an old-fashioned scream when all else fails.


“Plight Of The Children” (Episode 16)

Gohan’s brief moment of kinship is cut short after joining many orphans during his jungle survival training when social workers raid the orphans’ hideaway. While fleeing, Gohan stumbles into his own house. Still, after remembering his now-captured companions, he abandons the notion of the easy way out. Instead, he vows to see his training through to the finish, embracing the demands that being Goku’s son imposes on him.

Dragon Ball Z Filler

“The Puzzle Of General Tao” (Episode 174)

Everyone has to begin somewhere. Fans sometimes minimize the reality that normal humans, such as Yamcha or Tien, previously posed a significant threat to Goku’s life. When he first entered Dragon Ball Z, the only serious threats he faced were aliens or artificial lifeforms.

General Tao was an assassin in Dragon Ball Z who almost killed Goku on one occasion and put terror into the young Saiyan’s heart with his fighting skill. In this episode, Super Saiyan Goku invades a mob stronghold without breaking a sweat and steals the Dragon Balls from General Tao with little opposition.


“Warriors Of The Dead” (Episode 195)

Pikkon is one of Dragon Ball Z’s most powerful fighters, but he isn’t canon. He not only put Goku to the test during the Other World Tournament, but he also defeated Frieza, Cell, and King Cold in “Warriors of the Dead” in a single blow. This achievement should not be underestimated, as Frieza and Cell were no pushovers.

Though making this episode legit would invalidate Frieza’s portrayal of Hell later in Dragon Ball Super, the addition of powerful opponents for Goku in the afterlife provides a fantastic explanation for why he continued to unlock new strength levels even after he died.


“Terror On Arlia” (Episode 11)

“Terror on Arlia” was the first time fans saw Vegeta and Nappa in battle before they arrived on Earth. In the end, Vegeta destroyed the whole planet of Arlia with a grin on his face, leaving viewers wondering how Goku and the others would stop him from doing the same to Earth.

This episode is also the only occasion in the series that fans witness Vegeta and Nappa operating as a coordinated unit, and it’s one of the few times when fans get to see the traditional brown-haired Vegeta.


“Pendulum Room Peril” (Episode 17)

When Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu become tired of their training on Kami’s Lookout, Mr. Popo transfers them to an abandoned city, where two low-class Saiyan warriors defeat them. This episode demonstrated how outmatched the Earthlings were compared to Nappa and Vegeta, given that they couldn’t even scratch a pair of Saiyans lesser than Raditz.


“Mind Trap” (Episode 274)

One of the series’ final Dragon Ball Z filler episodes, “Mind Trap,” contains numerous jewels that die-hard Dragon Ball Z fans will enjoy. Not only do Goku and Vegeta converse with a family of roundworms that dwell inside of Buu (yep, no mistakes), but viewers learn about Vegeta’s aversion to worms.

In addition, the two Saiyans work together to defeat powerful clones of Gohan, Gotenks, and Piccolo, further cementing their brewing bromance. Still, most importantly, this episode contains the famous scene in which Super Buu gets the runs, and the stench coming from his toilet stall knocks out Dende, Mr. Satan, and even a dog.

Dragon Ball Z Filler

“Duel On A Vanishing Planet” (Episode 102)

Many Dragon Ball Z fans who only watch the anime may be startled to hear that this episode is considered Dragon Ball Z filler. Piccolo delivers an epic monologue when all Frieza’s victims are resurrected, signaling the moment he professes his absolute admiration for Goku.

Unfortunately, in this episode, Goku also punched Frieza’s Death Ball assault right into a nearby planet, further complicating the conflict on Namek. Cut between these combat scenes; tension returns to Earth as Vegeta teases Piccolo, Gohan, and Bulma, implying that Goku is dead. If Dragon Ball Z fans skip this episode, their Dragon Ball Z experience will be severely deficient.


“Brief Chance For Victory” (Episode 116)

The batch of DBZ episodes involving Garlic Jr. is not regarded canon to the astonishment of many fans. However, viewers will need to see the film DBZ: Dead Zone to properly comprehend these episodes. Although the battle with Garlic Jr. spanned several episodes, the 116th episode of the series served as the series’ conclusion.

Piccolo and Kami are on the edge of death, and with the Dead Zone threatening to swallow everyone, Gohan must decide whether to fight or defend his comrades. This episode suggests the prospect of Gohan becoming the series’ primary protagonist and marks the first time in DBZ that a formidable adversary was destroyed without Goku’s help.


We hope you found this post about Dragon Ball Z filler helpful. We would love to hear from you in the comments if you have any questions about Dragon Ball Z filler, and if not, please let us know the reason.



  • How many episodes are there in Dragon Ball Z?

Ans: There are a total of 291 episodes on DBZ

  • How many Dragon Ball Z filler episodes are there?

Ans: There are a total of 21 DBZ filler episodes.

  • Is Vegata older than Goku?

Ans: Going by the manga, Vegeta is slightly older than Goku.


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