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Jason Sudeikis Finally Revealed Officially His New Girlfriend Keeley Hazell, Thinking about long term Relationship?

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Rumors of Jason Sudeikis and Keely Hazell dating are confirmed with a walk in New York City. The two have been casually seeing each other, but sources close to the pair say things have become more serious now that they’re taking their relationship public.

Jason Sudeikis and Keely Hazell casually dated before becoming more serious. They confirmed their relationship with a walk in New York City back on February after rumors had surfaced about the two. Sources close to them told People that they were casual dating but are taking things more seriously now, as she plays Bex on Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso series though viewers might be confused since it features another character named Keely Jones played by Juno Temple who is also portrayed as a model-slash-WAG.

The first time that Sudeikis and Hazell have been seen together was during their Sunday stroll by the waterfront. The two soaked up the sun while wearing comfortable clothing, with Hazell in a breezy eyelet top. They held hands comfortably as they walked along at an easy pace for miles before eventually stopping to catch some fish from one of many fishing boats onshore; this is where we found them when our photographer caught up with them after being inadvertently lost earlier!Jason Sudeikis Finally Revealed Officially His New Girlfriend Keeley Hazell, Thinking about long term Relationship?

After many years, actress Christina Hazell reappeared in the limelight this week when she was cast as Chris Pine’s assistant on his latest movie. The two “knew each other from many years ago,” an additional source told People back in February. This is not her first role for a film directed by Horrible Bosses 2 director Seth Gordon: She played Rex’s Assistant who didn’t even get named and is listed simply as such on the IMDb page under actor Christopher Pine.

Sources indicate that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis were no longer in a romantic relationship by the beginning of 2020. The two have been co-parenting their children, Otis and Daisy since they separated. Recently, she was romantically linked to Harry Styles before returning to her ex-boyfriend Jack Antonoff who had reportedly been waiting for her return with open arms all along!

The children are the priority and heart of family relationships, a source said. Sources also note that Styles is starring in Wilde’s upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling with her “seeming very serious.”

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