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Bad Blood Season 3 To Release in 2021? Confirmed?: Cast, Storyline and Everything You Need to know.

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The Canadian drama Bad Blood is a perfect fix for all the crime binge-watchers out there. The crime drama has been created as well as produced by Simon Barry.

But what about Bad Blood Season 3? Will we get to see Bad Blood Season 3? Find it all down below:

Bad Blood Season 3

About: Bad Blood

Bad Blood aired debuted on the Citytv channel with its first episode on 21st September 2017. The first season consisted of six episodes thus releasing their finale on 26th October 2017.

The series was originally supposed to be a miniseries, however was announced to be renewed for a second season by Rogers Media in the early months of 2018.

The second season of Bad Blood soon hit the small screens on 11th October 2018. The season concluded and premiered its finale episode on 29th November 2018. The second season of Bad Blood is comprised of ten episodes.

Regardless, a French version of Bad Blood was released on the Ici Radio-Canada Télé channel with the title Les liens du sang on 11th November 2017.

The show Bad Blood is based on a famous novel titled Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War which was published in 2015. The book is composed by the Italian author Antonio Nicaso.

The first season of Bad Blood follows the lives of the Rizzuto family members led by their boss Vito Rizzuto. Rizzuto is a real-life crime-based family who is based in the city of Montreal. The first season primarily focuses on the ups and downs that are faced by the Rizzuto household.

The first season managed to gain positive reviews and feedback from the viewers because of the which the series was shorty renewed for a second season.

Though only the real fans of Bad Blood know that the first season of the show is adapted from the book, however many don’t know that the whole series is not completely based on it.

As the first season of Bad Blood fairly covers almost all the plotlines from the novel, the storyline of the second season follows a different path.

The plot of the second season of Bad Blood is completely fictional since the makers didn’t have much story to take from the book.

Bad Blood Season 3

Bad Blood Season 3: Release Date

It’s been almost three years since the finale episode of Bad Blood was aired and perhaps the last time we witnessed Vito Rizzuto in that sexy black suit. Nonetheless, th3 fans are waiting for any news regarding Bad Blood Season 3 as they want the crime drama series to conclude on a good note.

A few months after the release of the second season of Bad Blood, the series also started airing on Netflix. As many know that the international streaming network plays a major role in luring the viewers towards their screen and increasing the popularity of a show or a movie. Thus, the series started receiving recognition as well as audience from over the world.


But the question at hand about the release of Bad Blood Season 3 is still very much uncertain and unknown. No official announcement or statement has been made by the makers as of now for Bad Blood Season 3.

There is also no confirmation whether the series is renewed for Bad Blood Season 3 or if the show has been canceled for good.

If we follow the pattern and history of the previous then we might not be getting Bad Blood Season 3 till the winter season as both the seasons were released in December.

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Bad Blood Season 3

Bad Blood Season 3: Cast and Characters

Since the production of Bad Blood Season 3 is still uncertain, we don’t have any confirmation about the ensemble that will appear in Bad Blood Season 3 if there is a possibility of it happening.

Nonetheless, we can recall the cast and characters that have appeared in the prior two seasons:

  • Anthony LaPaglia as Vito Rizzuto, boss of the Montreal Rizzuto family.
  • Kim Coates as Declan Gardiner, right-hand man of Vito Rizzuto.
  • Paul Sorvino as Nicolo Rizzuto, founder of the Rizzuto.
  • Enrico Colantoni played by Bruno Bonsignori
  • Brett Donahue as Nico Jr, son of Vito.
  • Maxim Roy as Michelle, Vito’s confidante.
  • Tony Nappo as Gio, a bodyguard of the Rizzuto family.
  • Michelle Mylett as Sophie, mistress of Vito.

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Bad Blood Season 3

Bad Blood Season 3: Plot and Storyline

The plot of Bad Blood takes place in the city of Montreal around the time of 2000s to 2010s and follows the rise and falls of the crime-based family Rizzuto who is being led by their head, Vito Rizzuto.

Vito has been involved in criminal activities since the early days of his life, because of which he was always being chased around by the cops.

However, soon he gets arrested for the illicit business he performed. But before getting arrested by the police, Vito transfers all his funds, property, and the power he holds to his partner and right-hand man, Declan Gardiner.

By the time, Vito is released from jail he realizes that everything has messed up and becomes livid. From that point onwards, the plot in the series takes some interesting turns.

The series primarily focuses on the world of criminals and business that are still existing in our society.

If there is a possibility of Bad Blood Season 3 we are sure that it will again be centered on Vito and his illegal world. The plot of Bad Blood Season 3 might also show us different ways and tactics that Vito will perhaps use to remain the one standing after he had defeated all his enemies.

Frequently asked questions:

A. Where can we watch all the seasons of Bad Blood?

Both the season of Bad Blood can be streamed on the international streaming network Netflix.

B. Should we expect Bad Blood Season 3?

Currently, there is no official announcement made by the creators about Bad Blood Season 3.

C. How many episodes are there in Bad Blood?

Bad Blood has released two seasons till now with the first season consisting of six episodes while the second season had ten-episode.

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