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Finally Bill Cosby’s Prison Release, Twitter reacts badly?

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Bill Cosby, the comedian and actor best known for his hit TV show “The Bill Cosby Show” from 1984 to 1992, became a free man after nearly three years in prison on Wednesday (June 30). The 78-year old was serving time following a 2018 conviction of aggravated indecent assault.

Twitter users reacted swiftly with disappointment at how this verdict sets an example that sexual violence is not taken seriously by modern society.

Bill Cosby has been released from prison after three years of incarceration. Much to the dismay of social media users, his release was met with disappointment and frustration at what many saw as leniency toward a convicted rapist who is now free once again

Bill Cosby became eligible for parole in 2018 following a conviction that stemmed back four decades ago involving sexual assault allegations made by Andrea Constand. His sentence lasted two-to-ten years but he only served about half before being released on Wednesday (June 30). The response from both supporters and detractors alike have ranged across various spectrums: some are disappointed while others believe justice wasn’t truly served given the severity of Bill’s crimes.Finally Bill Cosby’s Prison Release, Twitter reacts badly?

He shared his belief that Cosby’s finances played a role in his release. “Bill Cosby, yet another member of the elite walking free because he could afford attorneys that could find technicalities in the system to overturn his conviction,” said Jackson.

The Cosby’s release may bring home to others who are serving time on sexual assault charges.

“With Bill Cosby being released from prison after two years of serving a sentence for sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein is thinking ‘Me. Do me. Me next,’” a third person wrote.

“THIS is why women do not come forward,” added journalist E. Jean Carroll.

See reactions to be Bill Cosby’s prison release below.






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