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Durarara season 3 Confirmed? AMAZING updates | Announcements | Storyline | Read on!

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Durarara season 3 new updates and announcements! Read on to know more!

Anime fans assemble!

Hope you are all doing well and exploring new anime as always. Weebs and Otakus! If you are looking for some new action-packed thriller animes, Durarara is for you then. It is one of the popular anime out there and is very well celebrated by its fans too.

After two seasons of Durarara, the series has halted. The fans are expecting a Durarara season 3 with improved and better storylines. The fans of Durarara are eagerly awaiting the official announcements from the makers of the series. Before going on to updates of Durarara season 3, let us briefly understand this anime series Durarara.

Durarara season 3
Source – Netflix


Durarara!! also known as DRRR!! is an anime series based on light novels in Japan. The writer of this light novel series is Ryohgo Narita and the novels are illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. The first Durarara novel was first released in 2004 by the ASCII Media works.

In total, the Durarara light novel series continued for a period of 10 years and released 13 volumes of light novels at the same time. The final volume of Durarara light novels was released in January 2014. These books were a hit among the readers and had their own cult fandom.

The manga series of the novel Durarara made its appearance for the first time in April 2009 on the May issue of Monthly GFantasy of Square Enix.

The manga adaptation of Durarara is written by Narita and illustrated by Akiyo Santorini. Four tankobon of the manga adaptation has been released till now. It was also followed by the sequel series Durarara Saika Arc. So let us now delve into the anime Durarara and also be aware of any possible updates of Durarara season 3.


The anime adaptation of Durarara was announced around the ending of the sixth volume of the light novel. The anime series was made in 2010. It was directed by Takahiro Omori and was produced by Brain’s Base, a Japanese animation studio.

Durarara season 1 followed the same story of the light novels. It premiered on January 8 2010 and continued until June 25, 2010. Season 1 of Durarara anime had 26 episodes. It was also dubbed and premiered for the English audience within 24 hours of its release in Japanese.

Durarara season 2 was directed by the same Takahiro Omori. It was produced by Shuka. The sequel to season 1 Durarara was premiered in January 2015, five years after the release of season 1. Season 2 of the anime series was interestingly split into three hours or three parts. The first cour named Sho or Understanding was broadcasted from January to March 2015.

The second cour named Ten or Motion aired from July to September 2015.  The third part of the anime series named Ketsu or Conclusion was aired from January to March 2016. Season 2 of the anime series Durarara went on air of totally more than a year. Catch it on Hulu and Netflix!

So when can the fans expect Durarara season 3? Has Durarara season 3 been announced already? Read on to know more.


The anime series based on light novels differs from the traditional anime stories. The story or narrative of Durarara is narrated through all of the main characters of the series. The perspectives provided in the anime continue to change almost every episode and sometimes even the narrator also provides his opinion on the situations present in the anime. To know why Durarara season 3 has so much hype, it is essential to know about the story of Durarara.

Durarara is largely based out in the city of Ikebukuro, Japan. It begins and follows the story of Mikado Ryugamine, a young boy from a small town in Japan. Mikado moves to the city of Ikebukuro and is buzzing to explore the city. Along with Masaomi Kida, his childhood friend whom he has not met in a long time, Mikado moves to the city to attend Raira academy.

Masaomi and Mikado roam the streets and Masaomi warns him about the violent and ill-minded people around the city. Masaomi tells Mikado about Shizuo Heiwajima who is an insanely strong man, Izaya Orihara who is an information broker, and a gang called ‘Dollars’ who are very mysterious and also famous.

Durarara season 3
Source – Netflix

After going around the city of Ikebukuro and meeting some side characters,  Mikado runs into a local legend called ‘Black rider’. The local legend is known to ride around the city of Ikebukuro on a black motorcycle, which would sometimes neigh like a horse.

It is a rumor in the city that the Black Rider has no head or face underneath his helmet. She is an Irish Callahan, who is on the search for her stolen head and is also delivering couriers for the underworld. The anime connects all these dots and intersections from various characters to the main plot and about a common incident. So what will happen in Durarara season 3? Have there been any announcements of Durarara season 3?


It is obvious by now to understand the hype around Durarara season 3. So when exactly can the fans expect the all-new Durarara season 3 to premier?

Durarara season 3

As of June 2021, there have no official announcements from the Durarara production team or Takahiro Omori the director. But do not lose hope! The wait for Durarara season 3 has not finished yet. There have been no announcements of the completion of Durarara too.

So the fans can always be hopeful about the series. Another important and good news for the fans is, the production team of Durarara season 1 premiered the anime in January of 2010, and Durarara season 2 premiered in January of 2015, which came to a conclusion in January 2016.

It is cleared that the Durarara team has followed a break of around 5 years to come up with the following season. As the series ended in 2016, it can be about time already. The fans can expect any official announcement of Durarara season 3 before the end of 2021! For the fans – Do not lose hope and push the makers to announce the following Durarara season 3! Let us hope we get to witness Durarara season 3 very soon.

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