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Neither Cancellation nor Renewal- Lovesick Season 4 Confirmed? All you need to know about Lovesick season 4

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Are Dylan and Evie still together, what happened to Luke? Did he succeed in finding his true love ? to find the answers to these questions, there has to be another season of Lovesick.  

Is there any official announcement given by Netflix about the renewal or cancellation of Lovesick season 4? Though Netflix has not officially canceled the series, Lovesick, there is no news or even rumors about the renewal of this show 

Before we move on to the Lovesick season 4, we’ll see what happened in its previous seasons.

Lovesick season 4

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Lovesick – Tour about what all happened in the previous seasons

First of all, Lovesick is a British Comedy television drama, also shortly known as Britcom. It was written by a group of 4 authors, Ed Macdonald, Andy Baker, Mike Grimmer, and Tom Edge, where the series, Lovesick was solely created by Tom Edge. Lovesick was the first broadcast on the 2nd of October, on channel 4 and after its huge response from the audience, the further 2 seasons of Lovesick was aired on Netflix.

The average length of each episode of Lovesick was about 20 – 30 minutes. 

The Story of the series starts with Dylan, diagnosing himself with chlamydia, a bacterial infection, that spreads through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. As this infection mostly has no symptoms or will show symptoms only after some two to three weeks, Dylan was afraid and was trying to give an alert to all of his previous sex partners, about this infection. 

Lovesick season 4

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The story is all about the trio friends, Dylan, Luke, and Evie, who used to live together. 

When the series “ Lovesick was transferred to Netflix from Channel 4, the original name of the show, “ Scrotal Recall “ was changed to “Lovesick”. One among the three leading stars of the show, Antonia Thomas confessed that the former name of the show, “ Scrotal Recall” made sense, then the second name, ”lovesick” did. She also added that the name change has mis-sold, completely the tone of the show, Lovesick. Later, Thomas admitted that she was pleased with the change of title for the series. 

So, after knowing a bunch of info about Lovesick, are you not interested to watch its trailer or its original episodes? 

Here is the link to watch Lovesick’s all episodes, from season 1 to season 3. 


As there was no news about the Lovesick season 4, the actors of the show started to sign other projects and most of the important characters are still working on their other projects, thus they are busy with those projects. Hence, there will be no time in their schedule. 

In an interview with Decider, Dylan Witter confessed that he is eagerly waiting to work in this show, as the making of the previous seasons of Lovesick season 4 was so pleasurable and he loved doing it. He also said that he was worried about not seeing his co-workers and he said that thus, Lovesick season 4 will be a bridge to connect all of them again together. 

Lovesick season 4

Dylan Witter also added that the story had a style of writing which showed a hint that there was not much need for Lovesick season 4, but still the story had room to cook up stories for Season 4.

Dylan Witter was so excited about season 4, that he started to tell his own story, which most probably looked like he cooked up that story on the spot. He narrated that story to the Decider, that there can be Dylan and Evie with their kids in the Lovesick season 4, assuming that the story has gone some few years forward.

And the story of Lovesick season 4 will have a starting plot, set up with a party set-up, which he believed would be fun. 

Though it feels like, Lovesick season 3 is the end of the show, but still, the trio friends would turn up again in season 4, with a new and exciting storyline only if Netflix considers streaming season 4 on its platform.

Though there is a change expected in the storyline of Lovesick season 4, the cast of season 4 is expected to be as same as its previous seasons.

Lovesick season 4


Antonia Thomas as Evelyn “Evie” Douglas, Johnny Flynn as Dylan Witter, Hannah Britland as Abigail Saunders, Joshua McGuire as Angus Baker, the best friend of Evie and Flynn – Daniel Ings as Luke Curran, Richard Thomson as Malcolm “Mal”, Evie’s fiancé, Klariza Clayton as Holly and finally Yasmine Akram as Maria “Jonesy” Jones.

Though it is the same as the cast of season 1, we can only predict the cast of Lovesick season 4 and that too not fully because we are all not clear about the storyline of Lovesick season 4. There can be chances for the introduction of some new characters or there can be situations where the old characters have to be removed in the Lovesick season 4.  

Though we have not got any good news about Lovesick season 4, the only hope for us is that there is no official announcement from any of the officials associated with Lovesick season 4. Thus, we have to wait, fingers crossed, for the release of Lovesick season 4.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lovesick season 4

1. Will there be Lovesick season 4?

Does Lovesick season 4 have an official release date? Although Netflix never officially canceled Lovesick, the series hasn’t been renewed for season 4 either. As a result, the actors have all moved on to other projects, and as of 2021, there are no concrete plans for the comedy to continue. 

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2. What happened to Phobe in Lovesick Season 4?

PHOEBE IS DEAD. … Dylan and Luke even get into a physical fight in the bedroom of a dead woman. Then Dylan takes Evie out to tell her he’s in love with her, and can’t. Luckily Luke bursts in and tell Evie that Dylan is secretly in love with her.

To know more about it, Refer to the below-given article. 

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