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Swamp Thing season 2 Possible ? Release date Out? All you need to know about Swamp Thing season 2

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Before starting our exploration about Swamp thing season 2, just take a look at previous seasons of Swamp thing season 2.

About the previous season of Swamp thing season 2

The American television series, Swamp Thing is a superhero horror series that consists of 10 episodes, each 45-60 minutes long. Swamp Thing was created by Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman for the DC Universe, one of the leading streaming services. The eponymous character of Swamp Thing, a creature that looked like a sort of a  plant-elemental, which fights malevolent forces around a Louisiana Swamp, with the help of Abby Arcane, a medical doctor was originally enacted by Derek Mears.  

Curious and excited to know more about the previous season of Swamp thing, Click the below-given link.

The cast of Swamp thing season 2 (predicted cast, with season 1 as reference)

Jeryl Prescott as Nimue Inwudu / Xanadu
Virginia Madsen as Maria Sunderland
Andy Bean as Alec Holland
Derek Mears as Swamp Thing
Maria Sten as Liz Tremayne
Crystal Reed as Abigail “Abby” Arcane

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Some media reported that Swamp thing season 2 has been unexpectedly canceled due to many reasons like, budget shortfalls after the tax rebates, which was offered by North Carolina, reported that they were substantially reduced.

And there were other reasons also reported that there were creative differences with the parent company
of DC Universe, WarnerMedia.

Do we have the chance to watch Swamp thing Season 2 ? Let’s explore further

Mears reported the cancellation of Swamp thing Season 2 as Heartbreaker news. And he also mentioned that they felt the decision to cancel Swamp thing season 2, as an act of “ lack of respect “ on DC Comic’s part. 

Swamp thing season 2

Mears also stated that the situation and mental state of the members of the production, until
the cancellation of swamp thing season 2, he confessed that the experience of working for the Swamp thing
season 2, everything was amazing, literally everything.

And now, we are all in a nebulous and weird space, as there is no official announcement about neither the cancellation of Swamp thing season 2 nor why swamp thing season 2 was canceled.

In the year of Twenty-nineteen, around June or July, there was a movement going viral, with the hashtag #SaveSwampThing, which began spreading all over the social media, soon after the announcement of the cancellation of Swamp thing season 2.

Derek was also much interested in showing his support for the movement, which was in favor of the release of Swamp thing season 2.

One of the main reasons for the cancellation of Swamp thing season 2 has also affected the first season.  It was reported that the total number of episodes of swamp thing season 1 was reduced from 13 to 10.

Swamp thing season 2

As the first season was also forced to finish sooner, the DC universe was in a state to reduce the number of episodes, made a quick and unfinished ending. This resulted in a problem. The fandom people petitioned that the Swamp thing season 2 has to be picked up by another streamer as soon as possible.

During a live chat on Facebook, One of the members of Swamp thing season 2 Facebook group, the words of  Lance Ausfresser gave life to the fandom of Swamp thing season 2. He confessed that there have been talks and discussions going on about HBO Max is ready to stream Swamp thing season 2. But still, there is no official announcement from either the DC universe or the Warner bros. Thus, the fandom is eagerly waiting with their eyes wide open for the news about Swamp thing season 2.

Still, there are some unanswered questions among the fandom, that whether HBO Max will be able to stream Swamp thing season 2, that is, whether they will support Swamp thing season 2.

As the first season of Swamp thing was a complete package of a work of horror, action series, which also consists of graphic violence. The first two episodes addressed immensely good reviews,  for the cinematography and the thick atmosphere from the get-go, and all these appreciations were because of the well-defined direction by Len Wiseman.

Swamp Thing season 2

At the time of the release of Swamp thing season 1, it was really surprising to know that Swamp thing season 1 was one of the first shows to be premiered on the DC Universe streaming service.

Some diehard fans of Swamp thing season 2, we’re damn sure about ” the success of Swamp thing season 2 will be only because of the extraordinary and elegant works of Scott Snyder, Alan Moore, and Nancy A. Collins at the disposal of the writing team. “. But the fate will always be different and surprising, and it proved that here, in the case of Swamp thing season 2.

Though there are dozens of rumors about the Release of Swamp thing season 2, we have to patiently wait for the official announcement from the DC’s or Warner Bros.

Where can watch Previous seasons of Swamp Thing Season 2?

Swamp thing season 1 is also been officially released on the Over The Top platform, Amazon Prime Video. Use the below-given link to watch Swamp thing Season 1.

Swamp Thing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was Swamp Thing season 2 canceled?

The show’s episode run was first reduced from 13 episodes to 10 in April 2019, then in June of that year, the show was canceled, just five days after the first episode of the show aired. The show was thought to be canceled as part of the winding down of original scripted TV shows at DC Universe.

To know more about it, refer to the below-given article.

2. What is Blue Devil in Swamp thing?

Daniel Cassidy
Daniel Cassidy, also known as Blue Devil, is a fictional character and hero in comic books published by the American company DC Comics. He first appeared in Firestorm Vol 2 #24 (June 1984), but his first appearance in Swamp Thing comics was in the Swamp Thing Halloween Special (December 2018).
To know more about it, refer to the below-given article.
Daniel Cassidy

3. What is the Rot in Swamp thing in season 1?

The Black or The Rot is a force that is strongly associated with death. The decay and rotting of living things are where it flourishes, with its base being in the “Bone Kingdom” in the deadlands of the United States. As such, it works in opposition to life forces such as The Red and The Green.
To know more about it, refer to the below-given article.

The Black | DC Database | Fandom

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