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After Heechul and Momo’s Shocking Breakup, Hyuna and Dawn ‘last hope’ of love, Know Everything

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When idols in the K-pop industry announce that they’re dating, it’s rare for them to get a positive reaction. The companies are strict with their no-dating policy and fandoms can be harsh on pop stars who date each other or noncelebs alike. In fact, this was true even of Hyuna and Dawn when they announced that they were together – some people didn’t take kindly to them because of how long ago he dated another singer (which had been years)

Celebrities in Korea are not as free to date whoever they want and release the news however they want. The industry is much stricter, with companies putting a no-dating policy into place and sometimes fandoms reacting harshly when idols open up about who they’re dating! Even Hyuna of 4minute and Dawn from Red Velvet faced some unexpected backlash when fans found out that these long-time friends were now more than just acquaintances.

Last hope for love

While other Korean celebrities like actors are congratulated unanimously and allowed to date whoever they want, idols have a much more difficult time. News agencies go out of their way to find any members that may be dating as they consider it the next big ‘scandal’. Super Junior’s Heechul and TWICE’s Momo were forced ahead of the game by announcing their relationship personally to maintain some autonomy. However, with them breaking up, fans turn towards Hyuna and Dawn for solace.After Heechul and Momo's Shocking Breakup, Hyuna and Dawn 'last hope' of love, Know Everything

Super Junior’s Heechul and TWICE’s Momo had to get ahead of the game but still maintain some autonomy. But when they broke up with their celebrity girlfriends Hyuna and Dawn respectively, fans turned to each other for solace instead.

When it comes to idol couples, Heechul and Momo were one of the only ones that fans could depend on. That is until they broke up in December 2018. The idols have been together for a while now but unfortunately, their busy schedules caused them to drift apart which led to the break-up rumors coming true. However, with news like this being so rare these days, we are happy Hyuna and Dawn remain strong after all these years as well!

Hyuna and Dawn are unconventional K-pop power couples. Earlier this week, the Internet went gaga over their matching tattoos before Momo’s breakup with Heechul was confirmed.

Hyuna and Dawn are some of the most popular power couples in K-pop, but it wasn’t always rosy. They’ve been through a lot together from getting thrown out of their agency to having people comment on how unconventional they look. That’s why HyunA came back with her new song “Gashina” as she told everyone that if you want me gone then I’ll go! And just before news broke about Momo breaking up with Heechul, fans were going crazy over matching tattoos between them

The two got tattoos on their hands which when brought together spell the word ‘LIFE’. If that isn’t adorable we don’t know what is! And a month ago, on Hyuna’s 30th birthday, the two celebrated it together and wore white outfits that made them look like a married couple. With moments like this versus the sad news of other couples ____ fans went online calling Hyuna and Dawn theirs last hope for love!

Though many thought the couple was doomed after all the other celebrity couples breaking up, this pair proved them wrong by celebrating Hyuna’s 30th birthday together. Even though they only started dating two years ago, it lit a fire in fans who saw their own potential for love with these former labelmates turned lovers.

Do you think we could ever see Hyuna and Dawn break up? One fan tweeted, “I swear, hyuna and dawn are now my only last hope. If they did I’ll never believe in love again.” Another pointed out how cute the couple is together with “Thinking about these specific clips of this Dazed Korea video shoot” while one said that their relationship made them believe in love with “Dawn and Hyuna, the last couple who make me feel like there’s still something worth fighting for”.

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