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Drake was more than happy to set up a date on the Dodgers field Thursday night because they were out of town. The whole thing looked like it came straight from a Drake song, with lots of lights and love songs playing in the background.

Drake didn’t let the Dodgers being out of town this week stand in his way. Wednesday night he set up a date with Johanna Leia on LA’s field, and it looked like Drake was just living life as usual — even if no one could hear what they were saying to each other because there are so many security guards around them at all times.

The rapper took advantage of the Miami Marlins stadium to enjoy a private date night. He balled out for this occasion, making it clear he wanted things just right.DRAKE RENTED OUT DODGER STADIUM FOR DATE NIGHT FOR A PLUS SIZED MODEL

The helicopter camera spotted the 34-year-old at a table with Leia near the dugout on the third-base side of the field. There was an elaborate white tablecloth, multiple dishes, flowers, and even a personal bartender for this couple! In fact, they had personalized Dodgers jerseys – it looks like Lea wore hers right there at her seat just in time to celebrate their big day too!

Drake, who has a new album out now and is gearing up for his world tour in support of it, was spotted sitting between Michael B. Jordan (who’s been featured on the show Black-ish) and Amari Bailey’s mom at Sierra Canyon H.S., Friday night when they beat Polytechnic Prep by 74 points to 44 during their game against each other!

Imagine seeing your crush out and about, never imagining they would be in the same place as you. Imagine being courtside at a basketball game with them. So it was only fitting that Drake’s new relationship started over some hoops!

Imagine catching your love interest sitting right next to you during an intense playoff match-up for one of their favorite teams? Well, it must have been fate because this is how his newest romance began!


Upon hearing of Drake and his girlfriend’s date night, many people were left with cheeky grins on their faces. How could he have been able to rent out Dodgers stadium for just two hours? Turns out it wasn’t as hard as you think! The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation has confirmed that Drake donated substantial amounts of money before coming in contact with them. In fact, they’re so grateful to him that they want this special evening back again next year!”

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