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Sex and the City reboot, First Photo Out! ‘And Just Like That’ Cast Details Revealed?

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Sex and the City’s “And Just Like That” reboot series is finally beginning production. And with that news, WarnerMedia and HBO Max just gave us our first look at the new cast going full chic while also reminding us of one thing: not all of the ‘fab four’ is back this time.

The Sex and the City cast is finally reuniting for a new TV series, but not everyone is coming back. WarnerMedia just shared some never-before-seen photos of what we can expect in “And Just Like That,” including how these women have changed since their days on our screens way back when.

The iconic voices of Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York are back on HBO. Yes, the trio is returning in a new series without Samantha Jones.Sex and the City reboot, First Photo Out! 'And Just Like That' Cast Details Revealed?

The women are all dressed in different styles, but they have one thing in common: their hair. Miranda has a light and sophisticated look with her plaid long-sleeve blouse and wide-leg trousers while Charlotte amps up the glamour by wearing a shoulder-baring polka dot top which is paired with a black pencil skirt giving it an edgy vibe. Carrie’s on trend as she wears a turtleneck tucked into high waisted checked midi skirt pairing strappy platform pumps (naturally) to complete this chic outfit that would make any man drool over you from afar.”

Kim Cattrall, the actress who played Samantha Jones on Sex and the City for nearly a decade, is done with this show. After years of behind-the-scenes drama about her being difficult to work with – she said “I’m not coming back” in 2019 when asked if there will ever be another SATC movie.

Just like in real life, people come and go. Friendships fade over time as new friends are made – it’s all a part of the natural stages that make up our lives.

The Sex and the City show concluded in 2004 with Carrie Bradshaw finally finding true love. In 2016, after much anticipation from fans around the world, HBO announced that they will release a new episode of this popular series! The ten-episode program follows three friends as they navigate through life’s complexities at different stages in their lives. Tune into “Sex and the City: And Just Like That” to see what happens next for these women who are still figuring it all out

The show will be executive produced by Parker, Davis, and Nixon with series veteran Michael Patrick King at the helm. The writing team includes popular author Samantha Irby, Rachna Fruchbom, Keli Goff & Julie Rottenberg as well as Elisa Zuritsky

The new CBS comedy sitcom “I’m Sorry” has a killer lineup of producers including Parker (creator), Davis(director), and Nixon (executive producer). Writers include returning writer/series vetter Michael Patrick King along with side writers Samatha Irby, Rachana Fruchbom.,Keli Goff & Julie Rotenberg . To top it off they’ve enlisted Emmy award-winning actor Justin Bartha to play Matt LeBlanc’s character

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