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2 Fire Fighter Killed in Rage Fire California, Highway 395 will be closed due to Massive fire

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Furnace Creek, California was scorching on Saturday. Death Valley reached 128 degrees while the rest of Southern California heated up to 117 degrees according to The National Weather Service. This heatwave is just one more in a long line this summer and it has prompted an excessive heat warning for inland areas with highs reaching 130 degrees firefighting conditions are not easy under these circumstances.

The 130-degree reading would be the hottest high recorded there since July 1913, when Furnace Creek desert hit 134 degrees – considered the highest measured temperature on Earth.

Confirmed as accurate, the 130-degree reading would be one of the hottest high temperatures recorded there since July 1913 when Furnace Creek desert hit 134 degrees.

A raging wildfire in California is spreading towards Nevada and has doubled its size over the weekend. The Beckwourth Complex Fire, which was started by lightning strikes from two fires 45 miles north of Lake Tahoe but joined together into one blaze, showed no sign of slowing down after doubling in size between Friday and Saturday.

An incredible 130-degree reading was recorded at Death Valley National Park on Tuesday, making it one of the hottest days since 1913.

In an act of defiance to the heat, firefighters continued their battle against the blaze that had now increased its radius by fifty-three square miles. Their efforts were rewarded as they finally managed to get it contained at 86%

The landscape in Oregon is now nothing but a scorched wasteland. The fire has spread to 120 acres and continues to grow as the strong winds push it forward, obliterating everything that stands between its path of destruction. With triple-digit temperatures forecasted for most Western states this weekend, people are left wondering if they will escape unscathed or become victims like so many before them with their homes reduced to ashes

In the face of triple-digit heat, a forest fire in Oregon is expected to double by Sunday and has already scorched 120 square miles.

The National Weather Service in California warned of the dangerous conditions that could lead to heat-related illnesses. The power grid operator issued a statewide Flex Alert from 4 p.m. Saturday until 9 p.m., which is not only because there has been an increase in temperatures, but also due to wildfires threatening transmission lines carrying imported power to California and causing potential rolling blackouts throughout the state on July 7th – 8th with such high demand for electricity across America’s West Coast during summertime2 Fire Fighter Killed in Rage Fire California, Highway 395 will be closed due to Massive fire

Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an emergency proclamation on Friday suspending rules to allow for more power capacity, and the ISO requested emergency assistance from other states. On Saturday, Palm Springs in Southern California hit a record high temperature of 120 F (49 C). The fourth time temperatures have reached this year’s hottest yet at 49 degrees Celsius — it was only one degree warmer than last year’s all-time heatwave mark set over Memorial Day weekend 2017–that is four times hotter than normal summer weather levels!

The heatwave has swept over the Las Vegas valley. This historic high for this date in California is 111 degrees, only a degree short of all-time highs recorded on other days before it and last year’s record-setting 117 F set just 4 years ago. NV Energy urges its customers to conserve electricity during these hours so that they can provide power throughout their grid without disruption from damages caused by the recent wildfires affecting transmission lines around them.

Two firefighters were killed Saturday in an aircraft crash while responding to a small wildfire. The fire sparked by the burning big rig forced many evacuations of Native American Reservations, including two communities located east San Diego County and 43 north from Phoenix. In Yavapai county, Black Canyon City has lifted off an evacuation warning after the mountainside fire no longer posed any threat for residents or structures on its borders.

A wildfire blazing in the Umatilla National Forest is on track to become Idaho’s largest-ever if it continues at its current rate.

The fire, which has already reached 60 square miles as of Friday afternoon and blackened grass and timber while moving into a forest that was burned by wildfires last month, may worsen with continued drought conditions across southeastern Washington—the area hardest hit by this summer’s heatwave.

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