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Shocking! TikTok Video Shows Woman on American Airlines Plane Duct-taped to her Seat as she tried to open the door mid-flight

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American Airlines is being criticized for its handling of an incident in which a woman was duct-taped to her seat.

The viral video showed the woman trying to get up and assaulting flight attendants, leading American Airlines personnel on board the plane to respond by taping her down.

Passengers were also left with conflicting reports about what occurred during this event, but many are voicing criticism towards how management handled it all.

A TikTok video has gone viral showing a woman duct-taped to her seat on an American Airlines flight after she reportedly attacked the attendants and attempted to open the plane’s door.

A woman was duct-taped to her seat on an American Airlines flight after reportedly engaging in violence.

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The unidentified woman, who was traveling first class on American Airlines Flight 1774 from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte this week has been seen with duct tape around her chest and mouth as she attempted to scream at passengers departing the plane after it landed.TikTok Video Shows Woman on American Airlines Plane Duct-taped

In a follow-up video, @lol.ariee explained that the commotion started one hour into the two-hour flight when “all flight attendants were running up and down the aisles frantically whispering to each other.”

“The crew began locking bathrooms,” said @lol.ariee, “[and]started grabbing bags from overhead bins but wouldn’t say what exactly was happening”.

“It was just kind of like chaos and no one knows what’s going on,” she continued.

The pilot finally spoke over the intercom and asked people to stay in their seats because of “a bad situation.” Though he did not elaborate any further, according to @lol.ariee on Twitter

“As the plane was landing, a flight attendant who sat near us explained that one of her co-workers had an outburst and attempted to leave. She said ‘She was saying “I need to get off this plane,”‘ she went up by the exits and started banging on them, yelling ‘you need to let me off this airplane!'”

The woman’s mental breakdown became apparent when @lol.ariee saw her having an outburst in which she banged loudly on doors demanding they be opened while screaming for help all at once.”

The woman reportedly started biting, spitting, and attacking flight attendants. This is what ultimately prompted the crew to “take her down” and duct tape her mouth (@lol.ariee).

A video shows a police officer waiting by the plane’s entrance as other passengers depart from its cabin upon landing; it has been viewed more than 4 million times already

An American Airlines spokesperson told Insider in an email that the woman “attempted to open a door and assaulted, bit, and injured cabin crew.”

“We applaud our crew for their professionalism and quick effort to protect those on board,” the spokesperson added.

TikTok user @lol.ariee said in the follow-up video that she believed that “what was happening seemed like it was beyond the woman’s control. She was scared.”

“They should have a better way of going about it…I feel like it was handled poorly,” she added.

The FAA has received 2,500 reports of unruly behavior by passengers. The majority of these incidents involve travelers refusing to comply with the federal mask mandate.

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