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What is Netflix gonna do about Country Ever After season 2 ? Stream it or Skip it ? All you need to know about Country Ever After season 2 | Release Date

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What will happen in Country ever after season 2? What happened to Priscilla? Did she overcome her fight against colon cancer? How did the marriage life of Coffey Anderson and Priscilla move on? What are their children doing? The only way to find the answers to these questions is the release of Country Ever After season 2.

Before we move on to the update about Country ever after season 2, we need to know what happened in the previous season of Country ever after season 2. 

The storyline of Country ever after season 1

country ever after season 2

Country ever after is a reality series, which was streamed on the Over The Top platform, Netflix. The story is all about a couple and their life together as a married couple, parents for 3 gorgeous children, and they were forced to meet up various challenges in their lives.

Coffey Anderson is a country singer, who is not a part of any band or production company. He has his fan base for his chant of music. On the other hand, his better half, Priscilla is an exemplary hip hop dancer, who adores dance more than anything in this world. 

As it is a reality show, the story revolves around the lives of Coffey Anderson and his wife Priscilla, a family which truly believes in the presence of faith and blessings, where Coffey moved from Texas to Los Angeles after getting married to Priscilla. But the native place of Priscilla in Las Vegas. 

country ever after season 2

In Country ever after season 1, it is said that they both were in some sort of relationship since 2008 and married since 2010. After their marriage, they have three gorgeous children, who were named Everleigh, Ethan, and Emmarie.

 Don’t know whether it is a rumor or truth, it is also said that Coffey Anderson has a child from a previous child. But this part of Anderson’s life was not portrayed in the show, Country ever after season 1.

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As mentioned above, they believe that they are together and leading a beautiful life only because of true blessings. And they also mention that these blessings also include their ability to afford the important pieces of stuff for their children without any denial. 

At the same time, Coffey Anderson confesses that he is so thankful for the fans, as they are the only reason behind his career without a record contract. He tells that, he has reached this much success just only through social media platforms, which in turn are because of his fandom.

country ever after season 2

He opens up in the initial episodes of Country ever after, feeling upset as both CMA and the Recording Academy have frozen him out. But, he feels happy at the same time because of these problems, he was able to develop a personal connection with most of the people in his fandom. 

His fandom was that much crazy about Anderson as one of his fans was ready to give his girlfriend to Anderson. Feels weird and Crazy right? But it is the truth. Anderson’s fan base was huge and immensely good.

But, life won’t be smooth and nice and good for a long period. Life will be interesting and exciting only when we encounter problems. Thus, Anderson’s family was also made to face such a problem in their lives. The dancing doll, Priscilla was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. Yes, it was like a tornado to her family members.

country ever after season 2

 And for Priscilla too. Though Coffey Anderson had the belief that Priscilla will fight this disease just like kicking a ball, both of them were afraid of their beautiful teddies, Everleigh, Ethan, and Emmarie. They were totally confused about how to communicate with their children about this problem. 

But, the children know that their mother is down with some illness, they don’t know about colon cancer. But at the beginning of the show, Priscilla was dancing normally, Coffey Anderson was singing normally, actually, everything was normal and fine.

Thus, now we have an idea about Country ever after season 1. Now, we will look at what can happen in the Country ever after season 2.

Are you not curious to know more about Anderson’s family?

If so, here is the link for all the episodes of Country ever after season 1. Click here to enjoy the show.


What all can happen in Country ever after season 2 ? A list of Predictions about Country ever after season 2

country ever after season 2

As the first season was going like a boat in the sea, both happiness and problems were coming one by one towards them. Thus, Country ever after season 2 will show us the beautiful family enjoying their days together.

In between the hurdles and struggles faced by both, Priscilla and Coffey Anderson, there were so many rooms for the bond and the intimacy to get developed as the days went off. Thus, making their relationship more strong and everlasting. 

 Due to the life problems along with severe health issues like the bad colon cancer, which was in its 3rd stage for Priscilla, we can expect some sentimental and fluid scenes in Country ever after season 2. 

country ever after season 2

There is no official announcement neither from Netflix nor the team about the renewal or cancellation of Country ever after season 2. Thus, we have to be fingers crossed and wait for the updates about Country ever after season 2.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where was Country ever filmed?

Los Angeles
Coffey hails from Texas – which is understandable given the fact that he is involved in the country music scene. But, the couple is raising their children – nine-year-old Ethan, six-year-old Emmarie, and three-year-old Everleigh – in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California.
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2. What is wrong with Coffey Anderson’s Wife?

Priscilla Anderson Enters a New Chapter in Her Fight with Stage 4 Colon Cancer: ‘It’s Always a Roller Coaster’ It’s a question that Priscilla Anderson had silently asked herself from the moment she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer back in 2018, and it was a question she truly wanted to ask out loud.

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