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Ahoy Matey! Is Black Sails Season 5 coming on the Screens Soon? Release date, Cast, Plot Revealed

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Are we going to see Black Sails season 5 anytime soon?

Black Sails season 5

Isn’t it amazing that when you start a show, you get fully immersed in it and transport into a completely different world for a few minutes? Well… if you ever wanted to transport into a world that is full of adventures in the middle of the ocean you would like Black Sails.

Black Sails is an American TV series that is filled with adventures with a touch of historical themes. Jonathan E. Steinberg created this series keeping the novel Treasure Island in mind. It also serves as a prequel to this Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel.

Before streaming on Netflix, it was first launched on YouTube for everyone to watch it for free in 2014. But due to high demand, it was premiered on high streaming platforms like Netflix.

Black Sails has an amazing cast which made this show what it is today. It stars Toby Stephens as McGraw, Luke Arnold as Long John Silver, Tom Hopper as William Billy Bones’ Manderly, Clara Paget as Anne Bonny, and many more!

This series has received great praise from the critics and has won many awards including the 66th primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series and Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a series. This highly increased the expectations from the audience for Black Sails season 5.

This series has a total of 4 seasons and everyone has been waiting for any news about Black Sails season 5. Even before the finale episode was premiered on 2nd April 2017, the creators of the show announced that they will not be making Black Sails season 5 and the fans have to be content with only 4 seasons.

But why didn’t they make Black Sails season 5? Did it get canceled? Are they going to continue the series anytime soon? Keep reading and all of your questions are going to be answered!

What can the fans expect now instead of Black Sails season 5?

Black Sails season 5

the fourth season ended on a pretty satisfactory note with solving things out in the most historic way… A War! A war between the British Empire and The Pirates to decide who will have control over the New Providence island.

But who won? Don’t worry we won’t spoil it for you, if you want to know the answer watch the series on Netflix now!

The creators did say that there won’t be making Black Sails season 5 unless they changed their minds. So you can keep supporting the show and maybe we might get a spin-off series?

Rumors are going around for a spin-off series as the cast expressed their wish to get back together on set sometimes. But during this time with COVID-19, we recommend that you should not keep your expectations too high.

While we are on the topic of rumors, we should clear out the rumors going around about the show being canceled. The show was not canceled and there was no bad blood between the channel and the producers.

The creators just thought it was the right time to end the show and were satisfied with how it ended. They felt like the show has explored every possible angle it could and therefore, they did not feel like there is a necessity for Black Sails season 5.

Black Sails season 5 is not coming… what now?

Black Sails season 5

we know that the fans have been waiting for any news about Black Sails season 5 or if it is seriously getting a spin-off series but there is no new information about it yet and we will let you know if anything is announced!

But in the meantime, you can watch Game of Thrones, The Lost Pirate Kingdom, The Last Kingdom, Knightfall, or Reign if you liked this series and are interested in the historical adventure or period drama genre.

You can keep a close eye on the show through their Instagram which is @blacksails_starz to get quick updates or for some fun blooper reels. Their Instagram has over 61.2K followers and any news about upcoming projects will be announced here.

If they do somehow announce Black Sails season 5 or a spin-off movie what expectations do you have from them? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Sails season 5

Is black sails a true story?

The criminally underrated Starz period drama Black Sails is an intriguingly compelling mix of fact and legend, blending the fictional (characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island) with the real (Charles Vane, Edward Teach, and the pirate island of Nassau) to create something rich and propulsive.


Who was the greatest pirate of all time?

Blackbeard is perhaps the most famous pirate of all time, he definitely lived up to his fearsome reputation. He was said to enter into every battle with a bevy of weapons including knives, pistols, and two swords. At his most powerful, he had four ships in his fleet and 300 loyal pirates to man them.


Are black sails better than Game of Thrones?

Honestly, I agree that Black Sails was a much better show. It was gorgeous, historical, and just as fascinating as GOT. Even without the dragons. It is just that the ASOIAF books are so many leagues better than Game of Thrones.


Did Long John Silver kill Captain Flint?

Depending on how you view it, Flint either finds redemption or he’s killed by Silver on Skeleton Island, while the Thomas story is another one of John Silver’s lies. Black Sails creators Jonathan Steinberg and Robert Levine discuss the end with Inverse.


How did Miranda Barlow die?

She continued screaming at Ashe until she was shot in the head and killed by Colonel William Rhett. Soon after her death, the crew of Charles Vane destroyed the city, fulfilling Barlow’s dying desire.

For more info:

Check out the trailer of Black Sails season 1 if you are interested in watching the show.

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