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Millie Bobby Brown Angry and Slams TikTok Influencer for ‘dishonest’ sex claims

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Millie Bobby Brown is taking her alleged abuser to court after he confessed in a live stream of inappropriate behavior with the Stranger Things star.

“Instead of engaging in a public discourse with him through the press or on social media, we are taking action to ensure that he stops this behavior once and for all,” the 17-year-old reps told TMZ.

The man, who is now under arrest by the FBI for his crimes against humanity in Syria’s civil war, broadcasted a live stream on YouTube claiming that everything he did was legal and approved.

The 17-year old was reportedly forced to take action against her estranged father who had been harassing and threatening her on social media. Her reps told TMZ that they were relieved she finally found the strength to stand up for herself, so he could stop this behavior once and for all before it got worse.Millie Bobby Brown Angry and Slams TikTok Influencer for ‘dishonest’ sex claims

  • Millie Bobby Brown is finally taking action against her estranged father
  • She’s been trying to protect herself from his harassment and threats on social
  • Her team expressed that they are relieved she found the strength before it got worse
  • After being trolled on the live stream for dating a teenager, he replied with “I know I groomed her.”

“How the f*** is there a lawsuit? Her mum and dad knew about everything,” he continued. Complex suggested that Ecimovic was addressing a rumored lawsuit filed by Brown’s parents.

The latest report from TMZ about the leaked photo of Brown and Acimovic has been deleted. The now-deleted picture is said to have shown a kiss on the cheek, but it’s unknown when this was taken. Law enforcement sources also confirmed there are no open investigations against her at the present time

Acimovic addressed the incident on his platform, TikTok. “It should have never happened in the first place; it was a stupid idea on my part,” he said about live-streaming himself drinking heavily for two to three hours and saying some things that weren’t appropriate or kind. He continued by asking viewers how they felt about what they saw as well as apologizing for any bad behavior during his stream before signing off with an uplifting message–“We’re all human.”

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