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Dead Space Remake is Confirmed, It is getting a remake on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X

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Dead Space 4 has been in the works for a while now, as illustrated by Eurogamer and Gematsu’s recent reports. Earlier this year, GamesBeat reported that there would be no new entry to the franchise—instead, we are getting a remake of Dead Space 3!

In a recent article, Eurogamer and Gematsu reported that a revival of the long-dead Dead Space franchise has been in development. Earlier this year, GamesBeat said it would not happen but instead they are going to remake an older game from the series.

Dead Space, developed by Visceral Games in 2008 and 2011 respectively, is a horror game with tough challenges to offer. The first two games were well received for their original design but the third installment went off track by changing its tone from scary to action-oriented while also including cooperative play which left fans disappointed because it was not Dead Space at all just like they wanted.

Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games and came out in 2008. A sequel followed the next year, Dead Space 2 which received many great reviews due to its suspenseful atmosphere that would make even your heart beat faster with fear. The series took a turn for the worst when Dead Space 3 was released as more of an action than horror game–its cooperative play made it fun but not “Deadspace” as we know from before!Dead Space Remake is Confirmed, It is getting a remake on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X

EA shut down Visceral, the studio behind Dead Space 3 and Star Wars game. But after years of silence, we recently learned that Glen Schofield is bringing his survival horror expertise to PUBG’s universe with a new project called The Callisto Protocol.

After the closure of Visceral Games, Glen Schofield moved on to start his own game studio. He is now working with PUBG and has a new survival horror game coming out called The Callisto Protocol which will be set in that universe.

• The Dead Space series is a horror game

• Dead Space has been successful for many years and still offers great benefits/feeling of being spooked

• They have had two games that received great reviews and attention from gamers

• Deadspace 3 changed the tone to an action-based feel, however, it was not as good or scary as before because the cooperative play wasn’t fun so it lost some interest

A Dead Space remake isn’t all that surprising and is fairly in line with EA’s new strategy of Capitalizing On Nostalgia. Earlier this year, EA released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition which included remastered versions of BioWare’s popular sci-fi series the long-dormant Skate series is eventually coming back to! If the mega-publisher keeps up these tactics maybe we’ll get a remake or even a proper sequel to Insomniac’s underappreciated Fuse? Wait nowhere are you going?!

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