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Holy Fork! Is The Good Place Season 5 Releasing Soon? Or has it ended for good? Let’s Find Out!

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Is The Good Place season 5 releasing or not?

What would be your reaction if one day you wake up and find yourself in heaven? This is what happens with one of our main characters in the series ‘The Good Place.

But this series does not follow the concept of the typical heaven imagined by humans. Here heaven varies from person to person and is individually designed for them. But what happens when the good place is not really good?

The Good Place is an American fantasy comedy series which was first premiered on 19th September 2016 on NBC. This show is created by Michael Schur and ran for 4 seasons which finally ended on 30th January 2020.

The Good Place season 5

The story follows a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in heaven after her death but later finds out she has been mistaken for someone else and does not belong there.

In attempts of fitting in with the good people and trying to be more ethical, she makes few friends along the way. Will they keep her secret and help her through this? You might have to watch the series to get the answers to these questions!

When the series ended with its final episode, everyone was satisfied and happily said goodbye to the TV series. But secretly we are all hoping for The Good Place season 5 or some kind of a spin-off series to see our favorite characters one more time.

Sadly, there is no news of any spin-off series and the creators have confirmed that they won’t be making The God Place season 5.

The Good Place season 5

Why was The Good Place season 5 canceled?

Many fans were devastated to find out that they won’t be getting The Good Place season 5 but had no complaints as the show ended perfectly.

The creators also felt that the timing was right to end the show as they have conveyed the story which they wanted to share and were satisfied with the whole product. They didn’t think The Good Place season 5 was necessary.

This series is not just about surviving the afterlife but it also hilariously teaches people ethics. The Good Place displays some of the most amazing friendships and the growth of the characters should be applauded.

This show will make you think about your purpose on this planet and trust us when we say this, you would need tissues by the end of the show.

This show is very well-written and executed perfectly by the cast which is why it is loved by thousands of people around the world. They formed a connection with the characters and watching them disappear in oblivion was hard.

Have you watched A Good Place? What were your expectations from The Good Place season 5? We would love to hear your opinions so let us know in the comment section down below!

The Good Place season 5


Things you should know about The Good Place season 5

When fans found out about the cancellation of The Good Place season 5 they at least expected a spin-off series to watch the adventures of Michael on Earth as a normal human being but looks like we’re not getting it anytime soon.

Media and the whole world received this series with so much love and positivity. The critics praised the philosophy and the uniqueness of the plot which resulted in its high rating that is over 8.95/10 on average.

Moreover, The Good Place received many awards like the Peabody award and three Hugo Awards for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Film. It was also nominated for 14 Primetime Emmy Awards.

All these achievements were only possible because of the talented cast who perfectly justified their roles. The main cast of A Good Place is – Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil, William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye, Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza, Ted Danson as Michael, and D’Arcy Carden as Janet.

It also has special appearances from celebrities like Lisa Kudrow, Adam Scott, and Maya Rudolph as Judge Gen.

All in all, it is a must-watch for everyone who is looking for a light-hearted comedy or just a feel-good show for Sundays to watch with your family!

The Good Place season 5

Frequently Asked Questions about The Good Place season 5

Why is there no good place in season 5?

Way back in June 2019, the show was canceled, with the show’s creator Mike Schur wanting to give the season a fitting ending rather than have it run and run. Speaking to Newsweek in October 2019, Schur explained that it had always been his plan for the show to come to a close after just a few seasons.


Is the good place season 5 canceled 2020?

NBC has announced that the fourth season of A Good Place will be the show’s last. However, the series – which initially saw four humans adjust to entering the heavenly ‘Good Place’ – has not been canceled. Instead, the writers have decided to conclude the story now, rather than prolong it with filler.


How many episodes are there in the good place season 4?


The 14-episode season is the full conclusion of the fantasy comedy. As a special tribute to the series and its loyal fans, the series finale was expanded into a 90-minute special. Season 4’s “Whenever You’re Ready” is presumably the last part of Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason’s journey in the afterlife.


Are Eleanor and Tahani friends?

Gradually, though, Eleanor and Tahani did become good friends, and their frequent exchanges were mostly hilarious. Tahani helped Eleanor to learn kindness and compassion, and Eleanor gave Tahani quite a few lessons on humility and empathy.



Why was the ending of the good place so sad?

The level of sadness was in part because I knew we were doing it right. The table read was what was just a snot-fest. Everybody was bawling. It’s this mixture of saying goodbye to the characters, whom we’re attached to, but also saying goodbye to these friendships that we’ve been lucky enough to have daily.


For more info:

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