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Cleverman Season 3 Renewed or Canceled?: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Interesting Updates and everything.

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Following the release of their second season, fans are still sitting on pins and needles for the miraculous premiere of Cleverman Season 3. Will their wish finally come true? Here’s everything we know so far about Cleverman Season 3:

Cleverman Season 3

About: Cleverman

Cleverman is an Australian supernatural and Dystopian fiction television series that is adapted from an original concept by Ryan Griffen. The series has been written by Michael Miller, Jon Bell, as well as Jane Alle while Wayne Blair and Leah Purcell directed the show.

Companies such as Goalpost Pictures, Pukeko Pictures, Red Arrow International, Sundance Studios along ABC TV were behind Cleverman’s production. On the other hand, Sally Riley, Kylie du Fresne, Ben Grant, Martin Baynton, Adam Fratto, Jan David Frouman alongside Amelie Kienlin served as the sci-fi series executive producers.

The philosophical fiction takes place in a distant future and follows the mythological ancient creatures called ‘Hairypeople’ that are coexisting among humans. The creatures now have to battle for their survival when evil appears that wants to manipulate and kill them.

Cleverman has been successful in impressing the critics and earned wide acclaim from them which resulted in the series getting a great score on Rotten Tomatoes with 92%. According to the critics the series offered brilliant insightful commentary into several contemporary themes such as the ostracism of minority societies, border safety, racial identity, as well as deals with asylum supplicants.

However, viewers weren’t as appreciative as the critics regarding the series and the portrayal of its paranormal content which resulted in the Cleverman receiving a moderate rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDB based on the votes of 3,048 users.

Cleverman Season 3

Cleverman Season 3: Release Date

The first season of Cleverman debuted with their pilot episode on 1st June 2016 in the United States and concluded with their final episode on 6th July 2016. The first season obtained notable remarks and acclaims from both the audience as well as the critics. So it didn’t come as a shock when the show was announced to be renewed for a second season.

Following year, the second season of Cleverman was aired on 28th June 2017 and finished with their last episode of the season and apparently the series on 2nd August 2018.

Both the seasons of Cleverman were aired on the ABC channel in Australia while Sundance TV telecasted the series in the United States. For the Canadian fans the show was premiered on both T+E and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (aptn) from February 2018.

It’s about to be nearly three years since, neither ABC nor Sundance TV has made any announcement regarding the development or the future of Cleverman Season 3.

The second season of Cleverman received average ratings and was viewed by only 69,000 viewers. And despite the outstanding reception for the first season, the second season failed to impress the audience which probably is the reason why the season had low viewership ratings.

So it can’t be said sure whether Cleverman Season 3 will be renewed or canceled for good. But the odds of the series getting canceled seems to be increasing with each passing day as ABC and/or Sundance TV are yet to release a statement about the fate of the show. Now, all we can do is sit and wait.

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Cleverman Season 3: Cast and Characters

As of now, no official announcement or statement has been released by networks regarding the cast and characters that will feature in the possible Cleverman Season 3. So we cannot assure which original cast members will return for Cleverman Season 3.

Regardless we can certainly take a look back at the ensemble that appeared in the prior two seasons of Cleverman which included:

  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Koen West
  • Rob Collins as Waruu West
  • Deborah Mailman as Aunty Linda,
  • Iain Glen as Jarrod Slade
  • Frances O’Connor as Dr. Charlotte Cleary,
  • Ryan Corr as Blair Finch
  • Tasma Walton as Araluen
  • Tony Briggs as Boonde
  • Stef Dawson as Ash Kerry
  • Jada Alberts as Nerida West
  • Tamala Shelton as Alinta West
  • Rarriwuy Hick as Latani
  • Tysan Towney as Djukara
  • Andrew McFarlane as Geoff Matthews
  • Marcus Graham as Steve McIntyre
  • Rachael Blake as Marion Frith
  • Clarence Ryan as Jarli
  • Luke Ford as Tim Dolan


Cleverman Season 3

Cleverman Season 3: Plot and Storyline

Cleverman is mainly inspired by the Australia’s Aboriginal or Hairypeople mythological tales and legends. The show takes place in a not-so-distant future reality where the ‘Hairypeople’ exists and moves among other human beings. The Hairypeople are creatures with extraordinary powers and physical traits.

The show particularly centers around two worlds: The Zone and The City.

The Zone is a designated and special area established for the ‘Hairypeople’ who reside there while The City also called as the ‘regular world’ have an army of uniformed Containment Officers patrolling the streets to ‘protect’ the humans from Hairypeople when the government declares them to be subhuman.

However, a chosen one titled the Cleverman has the ability to unite both the worlds and figure out the real evil who has caused a bloodthirsty spree and terrorized everyone. But he must first learn to control his powers and confront the profound separation from his older brother.

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Frequently asked questions

A. How many episodes are there in Cleverman?

Cleverman has released two seasons with both the seasons consisting of six episodes creating a total number of twelve episodes.

B. Where can we watch all the seasons of Cleverman?

Both the seasons of Cleverman can be streamed on the international streaming network Netflix. You can even buy it on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies as well as Amazon Video.

C. Has Cleverman Season 3 been really canceled for good?

Currently, the series leading networks: ABC and Sundance TV, have neither renewed nor canceled the possible future of Cleverman Season 3.

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