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The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3 is RETURNING OR NOT? You will find all about the show here!

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The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3

Recap of the previous seasons of The Frankenstein Chronicles!

Who does not love a good period drama? Especially when it’s based on the book about the legend Frankenstein himself! The Frankenstein Chronicles brings you a story filled with thrill and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Find out about the return of The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3 below!

Shots fired in season 2 are happening or not, if yes then when? and if not then why? scroll down to know everything every

The Frankenstein Chronicles is a British period crime drama which is based on the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. This novel was written by Mary Shelley and includes various historical characters.

The Frankenstein Chronicles was first aired on 11th November 2015 on ITV Encore in the United Kingdom. Later the channel announced that the show has been renewed for a second season which started airing on 1st November 2017 and concluded on 6th December 2017.

The story revolves around a famous police inspector John Marlott and his mysterious mission of catching the children snatching monster. This case activates when John finds a dead body by the river. But it is not a normal dead body.

This body is made up of the different body parts of 8 children. The investigation starts and takes several unexpected turns. The last episode of the show has an open ending with Esther which leads to fans expecting the possibility of The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3.

There has been a long time since the finale of the show and the fans can’t wait anymore. So are we getting The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3 anytime soon or is it canceled? Keep reading to find out!

The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3

When are we getting The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3?

As of now, there is no news regarding the release of The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3 but the show has also not been canceled yet.

This show was originally premiered on ITV Encore but later in 2017, Netflix picked up the rights for this show and have streamed it on its platform. So if you still have not watched this show, both of the seasons are available on Netflix for you to enjoy!       

This series was received positively by the critics and media. The critics described this as a thrilling show which is well written and greatly executed by the cast. It gathered a rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb.

Each episode of The Frankenstein Chronicles grabbed 250,000 viewers. So there is a slim to no chance of cancellation of The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3. We just have to wait a little more as COVID-19 has delayed many projects in the entertainment industry.

Have you watched this show? What are your expectations from The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3? We would love to hear your opinions so let us know in the comment section down below!

The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3

More about The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3!

The cast of this show was highly praised for their performance. The main cast included – Sean Bean as John Marlott (who is also the associate producer of the show), Richie Campbell as Joseph Nightingale, Tom Ward as Sir Robert Peel, Ed Stoppard as Lord Daniel Hervey and many more who made this series memorable!

Although The Frankenstein Chronicles is a British series, most of the shootings took place in Northern Ireland in 2015. The production used Belfast to depict London.

The first season of this series was selected by A&E to telecast on their channel but they never did the same due to unknown reasons.

If you are tired from waiting for The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3, then you can refer to the following series/movies that are similar to this show –

  1. Ripper Street
  2. Paranoid
  3. The Alienist
  4. The Five
  5. Vanity Fair
  6. The Loch

The above series/movies are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for you to enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be The Frankenstein Chronicles season 3?

There’s no news yet of the third season of The Frankenstein Chronicles. The series first aired in November 2015 in the UK on ITV’s Encore channel, then was renewed less than a year later and saw its second season air in November 2017.


Are Frankenstein Chronicles based on a true story?

Children are being abducted, murdered, and sold to someone cutting them apart and reassembling them Frankenstein-style. The macabre murders are clearly an act of fiction — CLEARLY, people — but the show is so committed to historical accuracy that it’s actually hard to parse fact from fiction.


Is The Frankenstein chronicles scary?

The series, a spooky crime thriller that pits a “sort of” detective named John Marlott (Sean Bean) against a mysterious killer, mixes the hallmarks of the Victorian penny dreadful genre with some super-specific historical references and a boatload of cameos from some of British literature’s biggest titans.



Is Jemima Hervey dead?

Back for the Dead / Bus Crash: A mixture with Lady Jemima Hervey in series 2, who dies offscreen between seasons but appears as a ghost to Marlott. It’s not immediately obvious she’s actually dead, however, as at this point in the story she could plausibly be Faking the Dead or merely be a hallucination.


How did Marlott end up in Bedlam?

As the period horror-thriller began its second series, three years had passed and it was 1830. Former river policeman, a military veteran, and wrongly convicted murderer Marlott were chained up in Bedlam hospital’s wing for the criminally insane, a broken man haunted by disorientating visions of his dead family.


What happens in Season 2 of the Frankenstein Chronicles?

The 2017 six-episode Second Season of The Frankenstein Chronicles picks up three years after the twisted events of its Debut Series as Sean Bean’s supposedly dead Inspector John Marlott pursues Lord Hervey (Ed Stoppard) for his monstrous science while Sergeant Joseph Nightingale (Richie Campbell) investigates the murders.


For more info:

Waiting for the Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3 trailer? Why don’t you watch this behind the scene The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 3?


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