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Patty Gardell: Bio: Net Worth: 10 Interesting Facts, Affair and Details

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Who is Patty Gardell? Why she is so famous?

Patty Gardell is well known as the wife of Billy Gardell. Billy Gardel is well known as a stand-up comedian and an actor in Hollywood.

Billy Gardell is also a game show host and husband of Patty Gardell. Billy Gardell husband of Pitty Gardell grabbed the audience’s attention after playing a role of a police officer’s in a television show named “My Name Is Earl”.

You must know about Billy Gardell very well, but do you know about his wife Patty Gardell? or his children? about his net worth? and his age?

To be the first to about Billy Gardell and his wife Patty Gardell, be with me till the end of the following article. Also, you will get to know some interesting facts about Billy Gardel and his wife Patty Gardell.

Patty Gardell Bio:

REAL NAME: Patty Gardell.


BIRTHPLACE: United States Of America

AGE: 49 years old.


Early life of Patty Gardell:

patty gardell

Patty Gardell is the eldest daughter of Nettie Haynes Carr and Jim. Patty Gardell is 49 years old as of 2021, and still, she looks pretty.

Patty Gardell’s mother Nettie Haynes Carr is a well-read woman. She has read lots of books and even has lots of knowledge and also she is a thoughtful well-read person.

Moving towards the qualifications of Patty Gardell. Patty Farrell has done her schooling at a well-reputed school in the USA. After that, she finished her graduation with a Bachelor’s degree from US state University.

She has three siblings and she is the eldest out of three. Until yet her ethnicity is concerned with Gardell and her Nationality is American.

Physical Appearence of Patty Gardell:

patty gardell


As far there is no information about Patty Gardell’s date of birth, but it is well expected that Patty Gardell is around 49 years old and still she looks too beautiful, jails and stunning.

She has a fair skin tone and her dark brown eyes and black hair make her look more attractive and gorgeous.

Patty Gardell is around 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a perfect body shape. Her body weight is around 64kg.

And also she has a good fanbase on her social media account. She looks stunning.

As far she is a housewife and enjoying her life with his husband Billy Gardell and his children.

Relationship :

patty gardell


As I mentioned earlier that Patty Gardell gets popular after she engaged with a Hollywood stand-up comedian and an actor Billy Gardell.

This states that Patty Gardel is married. She marries Billy Gardell in 2001 and they are still together. Their wedding ceremony took place in Los Angeles, California. At her wedding, Patty Gardell wore a beautiful white gown and Billy Gardell wore a black cote. They bot were looking very cute and a beautiful couple

Billy Gardell is one of the famous stand-up comedians and an actor in Hollywood. According to the news, Patty and Billy Gardel were together since 1999 and they kept their relationship mystery.

There was no news whether they are dating or just working with each other. But later in 2001, they got married and officially revealed their relationship.

After that Patty Gardell continuously posts her and Billy Gardel’s marriage pictures on her social media profile.

And now finally everyone about the relationship between Patty Gardel and the stand-up comedian of Hollywood Billy Gardell.

Patty Gardell Children:

Patty Gardell and Billy Gardell are together for 20 years. They are still leading a beautiful marital relationship without any problem.

Later on, after three years of their marriage, the couple was blessed with a sweet and cute son.

They named their first child William III.

William III was born in 2003. The Gardell family appears many times spending quality time together in many exotic places. As of 2013, Patty Gardell has seen whit his husband Billy Gardell and his son William III in Canada.

This shows that Patty Gardell is very happy with her husband and her cute son William III. We just hope that her life goes like this only and she gets all her happiness and her son gets all his success.

Patty Gardell Social Media:

Patty Gardell is very active on social media. She has an account on almost all platforms of social media. But she is seen most active on Instagram.

Since her marriage is very active on Instagram. As she continuously posts her marriage pictures on Instagram.

A few times ago she posted a photo of her marriage on October 1, 2015, in the honor of their fourteenth wedding anniversary.

She posted that picture with a caption, she wrote,

Taking a movement to say how grateful I am to be celebrating our 14th anniversary with my hubby, Billy Gardell.

How time flies! Love YOU, B!

Besides this, she also posts many photos of her vacation and her family on her social media account.

Net Worth of Patty Gardell:

As a professional Patty Gardell is a housewife. But her husband Billy Gardell give her around $300 thousand, which is a very huge amount.

Patty Gardell’s husband Billy Gardell is an actor and stand-up comedian in Hollywood. And his acting career is going on very well.

His net worth is around $8 million, which is more than enough for his family. Patty Gardell lives a very good luxurious life.

Recently her husband Billy Gardell lost about 45 pounds of weight. He was around 350 pounds and now he is 325 pounds.

He had done lots of workouts to lose weight and finally, he succeeded.

Facts About Patty Gardell:

  • Patty Gardell comes from a wealthy family.
  • She is an animal lover.
  • She is very close to her family members.
  • She has three siblings and she is the eldest one.
  • Her hobby is traveling.
  • Her husband Billy Gardell is a famous Hollywood stand-up comedian and actor.
  • She is professionally a housewife.
  • Her favorite player is Jack Lambert.
  • Her son’s name is Wiliam III.
  • Her son is 17 years old.


Who is Patty Gardell?

Patty Gardell is the wife of Billy Gardell.

How old is Billy Gardell’s wife?

Billy Gardell’s wife Patty Gardell is of around 49 years old.

Does Billy Gardell marry?

Yes, Billy Gardell is married.


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