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One Piece Chapter 1024 Read Online, Release date, Spoilers, Highlights

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With Luffy on his way to take down Kaidou, the battle between him and Zorro against Queen & King with Sanji will be a great fight. This chapter is going to have some of the most interesting battles that we’ll see as they go up each front one by one

A lot of action is taking place in One Piece chapter 1024, with Luffy and the rest determined to take on Kaidou. The last chapter saw an exciting 2v2 battle between Zorro and Sanji against Queen and King while we are also given a glimpse into what’s happening at various other fronts such as Big Mom’s tea party or Cracker vs Brulee.One Piece Chapter 1024

Interested readers will be happy to know that the latest chapter, which releases in a day, covers all of the battles except for one: on rooftops.

With Tobiropp-o defeated, this means we have moved on to the next level of fighting as only the strongest fighters remain standing. The latest chapter includes a lot of content and covered all battles except for one which takes place on top of a building.

An upcoming chapter of One Piece will likely focus on the battle at the rooftop. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, and I’m sure we won’t have long to wait!

The next chapter will focus on the battle at the rooftop. We’ll also look back to see how it all began and what is coming up in August’s manga schedule. The action has been intense, but we’re finally getting a break from that with this week’s One Piece Chapter 1023 release date being pushed off for another two weeks!

With all of the obstacles out of the way, things should be smooth for September. A lot would have happened by then and it looks like Momonosuke is going back to fight Kaidou again! It will also be interesting to see Yamato continue his role as a barrier against Kaido with Momonosuke’s help.

The majority of the Straw Hats who faced off against Tobiroppo emerged with minor injuries, so we can expect them to have a supporting role in this arc.

One Piece Chapter 1024 Release DateOne Piece Chapter 1024

The release date for One Piece Chapter 1024 is September 5, 2021. The raws will come out three days before the official edition and it’s best to wait until then so as not to spoil yourself with manga spoilers!

The One Piece’s raws scan will be out around Friday with several manga spoilers leaked, but it is better to wait for the official edition.

One Piece Chapter 1024 Where To Read

One Piece fans, we suggest you read the manga from official sources. Sources such as Shonen Jump and MangaPlus will keep your device safe while also supporting the creators of OnePiece! You can check out chapter 1024 for free online at these sites or subscribe to get digital copies delivered right to your inbox every week.

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Eiichiro Oda’s manga, One Piece is serialized in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997. Monkey D Luffy has rubber powers and searches for the one-piece with his crew to become a pirate king.


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