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Want to know about Daria Zaritskaya? We have every information about this singer! All Latest updates of 2021!

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There is a possibility that you might have come across the channel of Sershen & Zaritskaya on YouTube or watched one of their covers. Daria Zaritskaya is a rising music artist and a singer. Keep reading this article to know more about her and you might just discover your new favorite artist, who knows?

Daria Zaritskaya

Who is Daria Zaritskaya?

Daria Zaritskaya was born on 31st December 1994 which makes her a Capricorn. She is from Ukraine and as of now, she is 26 years old. She is approximately 167 cm (5 ft 5 inches) tall and weighs around 55 Kg (121 lbs).

She is a very private person and thus, information regarding her family is not revealed to the media as she does not want to force her fame onto them.

As a child, she liked to sing and discovered her love and passion for this art quite early. Apart from music, she was also a great student. It was found that she has graduated from one of the best schools in Ukraine and was very good at her studies.

Now she is one of the best singers in Ukraine and deserves great applause for her hard work. Following is the list of some of her works –

  1. I Was Made for Lovin’ You
  2. Santa Claus is Back in Town
  3. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  4. Welcome to the Jungle
  5. Highway to Hell
  6. You Shook Me All Night Long
  7. Livin’ on a Prayer

These are not all, if you want to discover more of Daria Zaritskaya’s music then you just have to type her name as her music is easily available on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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Daria Zaritskaya

Sershen & Zaritskaya – Rise of Fame

Daria Zaritskaya made a YouTube channel in association with Sergey Sershen, her fellow music artist and they have been putting up music for their fans since 2013.

Whether it be new music or song covers of different artists, they have it all! A few of the songs they covered are – ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles, ‘Back in Black by AC/DC, ‘Youth Gone Wild’ by Skid Row, ‘Physical’ by Dua Lipa, and many more!

Their YouTube channel is called Sershen and Zaritskaya and as of 2021, they have over 601 K subscribers. Apart from Sershen and Daria, there are other artists as well and they form a whole band. First, we have Daria Zaritskaya as a Vocal, then Sergey Sershen plays the guitar, Alex Shturmak handles the Bass, and lastly, Dmitry Kim on the Drums.

These members are very active on social media and are constantly putting new covers on YouTube. If you want more details, then you can follow them on Instagram. Daria Zaritskaya’s account is @dariazaritskaya which has over 99.5 K followers, you can find Sergey Sershen at @sergeysershen which has over 6.6 K followers and you can follow Dmitry Kim at @kim_drums in which he has 4.6 K followers. Unfortunately, Alex Shturmak is not available on Instagram.

We are sure that you are interested in knowing if the singer has anyone special in her life. But looks like she is focusing more on her career (as she should!) and currently, is not in a romantic relationship with anybody. But like we said before, she is a very private person and if she does get romantically involved with someone, then she would like to keep it private.

More Facts about Daria Zaritskaya!

Daria Zaritskaya

  1. Apart from her sweet and melodious voice, she is a beautiful woman who apparently wanted to be a Victoria’s, Secret Angel.
  2. At the age of 13, Daria was approached by a modeling agency.
  3. Growing up, she was a huge fan of heavy metal music.
  4. Her monthly income is around $40 K and her estimated net worth is approx. $400 K – $500 K.
  5. She follows Christianity.
  6. She has attracted a variety of people and has a diverse fan base.
  7. Her music video speaks for itself. They show the amount of respect Daria has for other artists and appear very confident and energetic in her music videos.
  8. Her Instagram profile shows that she is also into fashion and pulls off every look boldly and effortlessly. Moreover, the engagement rate on her account is 12.8%.
  9. Sershen and Daria Zaritskaya have also been on a tour to meet their fans and put on live performances for them.

If you are into heavy metal music or enjoy modified covers of old songs then you should definitely check out her music and show her your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Daria Zaritskaya?

She was born in 1994. She is 26-yrs old. She has attained a large following, which has grown manifold ever since she first became active on social media. Her interest in music and knowledge of popular trends is showcased in her videos and the content she creates for YouTube.


What nationality is Daria Zaritskaya?

Daria Zaritskaya is a Ukrainian singer and a musical artist. She is mainly popular because of her unique and melodious voice. Other than this she also runs a YouTube channel with fellow singer Sershen.


Is Daria Zaritskaya married?

She hasn’t said much about her current relationship status. Daria has kept her personal life secret on social media. She hasn’t given any clues or details about dating or being in a relationship. She seems to be single for the time being and is concentrating on her career.


Who are Daria Zaritskaya’s parents?

Daria is known to be a very private person and decided not to share her family’s information with the media to keep them away from the limelight. We also don’t know if the singer has any siblings or if she is dating anyone.


For more info:

Take a look at the latest music video of Sershen & Zaritskaya where they covered the song ‘Still of the Night’ by Whitesnake.

For more updates like this, check out our entertainment blog The Market Activity.

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